House Cleaning: 7 Ways to Declutter Wardrobe

House cleaning is already daunting and overwhelming. How much more when you declutter your wardrobe? There is a mixed feeling when you declutter your wardrobe. You might feel guilty getting rid of your clothes, confused about which to keep, or overwhelmed about where to start. It is important to be ruthless when decluttering your wardrobe.

An organized and smaller wardrobe helps you get dressed easier, less stress, and fewer clothes to bring to the laundry service in Times Square. If you are ready to declutter your wardrobe ruthlessly, here are 5 tips:

Gather all your clothes.

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A great way to declutter your wardrobe is by seeing the situation. Gather every clothes you have and put them in one place to see the situation. This may shock you and be eye-opening to see all of your clothes. 

You can start sorting the clothes you love, do not want to wear, and are ready to donate or dispose of. If you are overwhelmed and confused, try on each of the clothes to decide between putting them back in your wardrobe or the donation box.

Track the clothes you do not wear.

Most of us are found guilty after this method; we all have clothes that we rarely or never wear. So what do you do with those items? Dispose them. Track the clothes you rarely or do not wear by turning all the hangers backward. You can hang it back the right way when you wear an item.

This method helps you get rid of the clothes those you do not wear. Moreover, it helps you save time as you do not have to try on the items. 

Limit the items in your wardrobe.

Avoiding clutter is limiting the items in your wardrobe. You have to stop adding more clothes to focus on simplifying your wardrobe. Your decluttering will not get anywhere if you fill it again. You can even place yourself on a shopping ban if you cannot resist the urge to buy new clothes.

More so, it is best to pay attention to the clothes you have in your wardrobe. This will help you look for trends that are similar to your style. When it is time to fill up your clothes again, only buy the best clothes that work with your preference.

Give your clothes TLC.

If you do not want to experience this again, create a clutter-free wardrobe by giving your clothes the tender and loving care it needs. You have to know how to wash them properly or send them to a reliable laundry delivery service. Moreover, store them properly and do not let your wardrobe get out of hand again. 

Donate clothes.

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Instead of feeling bad when decluttering your wardrobe, change your mindset. Think of the people who can use your clothes. Donate your clothes to homeless shelter and organziations that supports people.


If you have clothing you adore that no longer fit or needs some buttons replaced or hemlines modified, consider throwing those things over to my wardrobe. But be sure that the value you place on altering them is in line with the money you think the clothes will cost. Anything that doesn’t fit into the wardrobe is sorted on the basis of category, i.e., tops, knits, skirts, and are then organized by color.

Store clothing for special occasions separately.

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Special occasion outfits are frequently put away in an alternative wardrobe, so you can maintain the area you have available. Occasion apparel is particularly large , and generally only acquired a couple of times or on an annual basis.

Use acid-free tissue paper to pack away your special keepsakes to avoid destroying them due to contact with moisture. Write a letter to the box so everyone knows what’s inside, and place the box somewhere out of rough environmental conditions.

Special Box for holiday

Create a box filled with vacation items that include swimwear and sun hats, which you can only use on vacation. Place wall items you want to pack for the box carefully inside it and manually seal the container with a lid. Clearly list the contents of the box, and set it aside on a high shelf or in the attic, so it will be out of the way.

It s the same with a holiday wardrobe. Look at the things you wear for the rest of the year and identify what you really want to take with you on holiday. If it s not something that fits in your normal wardrobe, then get rid of it now!

Decluttering your wardrobe is mental gymnastics. You can do this successfully if you ignore your hesitation. Be extra ruthless when doing general house cleaning.

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