Time for a Garden Makeover? Consider These Stunning Features

A private garden can be blissful, particularly if you want to sit outside on a warm, sunny day and relax in a tranquil space. Whether you want to sip on your morning coffee on the patio or get lost in a good book under the shade of a tree or parasol, being outdoors in the fresh air is perfect for giving you a boost. It can also be a lot of fun to invite friends and family over for a summer BBQ, sipping on a cold beer or glass of wine as you’re chatting the night away. 

Yes, having a garden has a lot of perks, but if you don’t care for your garden or invest in it properly, you might not enjoy this space as much as you could. Furthermore, a neglected or basic garden could also impact the overall value of your property. As gardens are desirable in homes, potential buyers will be attracted to an outdoor space that has been maintained well and is stylish, so for the sake of your enjoyment and possible future profits on your property; it is worth giving your garden a makeover. Below are a few suggestions for some excellent features that will help to create an amazing garden.

Wildlife Garden Section

More and more homeowners are thinking of how they can make their living spaces eco-friendlier, and while there are a lot of smart features you can add to the interior parts of your home, don’t forget to utilize the outdoor areas as well. You can do this in a few ways, such as collecting rainwater to water the plants, rather than relying too much on your hosepipes. Solar power garden lights are other great green features, too.

However, if you want to take it one step further, consider creating a wildlife section in your garden. This area plants a selection of wildflowers and lets the grass go long. Although you will still need to maintain this space, it doesn’t need to be manicured like other parts of your garden. You can also make bee or insect hotels to encourage a thriving ecosystem in this corner of your property. If you have room, think about putting in a wildlife pond in this section, too.

Kitchen Garden

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This is another great step toward a sustainable lifestyle and is ideal for keen cooks who love working with fresh ingredients. Use an area of the garden as an allotment space to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs that you can harvest for yourself. If your garden is big enough, you may even want to put in a greenhouse for plants that require a warmer climate. Even smaller gardens can accommodate this, as a lot of herbs and vegetables can do well in pots on a patio. 

In addition to growing citrus fruits, leafy greens, and root vegetables, you can also grow lion’s mane mushrooms. This type of edible fungus can enhance the flavor of a lot of dishes. Cultivated varieties like Shiitake and oyster mushrooms provide many nutrients that other vegetables are low in or lack entirely. Many mushroom species are high in various B vitamins, while others are abundant in vitamin C.  

Decking Area

Another lovely feature to have in your garden is a decking area. Some people might choose to have a deck outside their backdoor instead of a patio, but you can put decking elsewhere if you prefer. It can make a wonderful seating area anywhere in the garden and provide a stable place to put your garden furniture and even a BBQ. If you are going to choose to include a deck in your garden, however, you might want to think about selecting composite decking as this is very durable as well as attractive.

A Summerhouse

A summerhouse might not be suitable for all gardens, but if you do have enough space in your outdoor area, it is certainly a feature worth considering. They can be very attractive to look at, but more importantly, a summerhouse can provide a comfortable, sheltered area in your garden to enjoy. They also make excellent spaces to enjoy a morning coffee or a light lunch in the summertime. If there is any rain, you can still sit out at look at your flowers and the other lush greenery as you stay cozy inside. If you have electrics installed, you could even use an electric heater to keep it warmer in winter and enjoy it all year round! 

Water Features

There is something truly relaxing about the sound of gently running water, and if you would like to create a Zen paradise out of your garden, then investing in a water feature is a must. What is great about these is that there are many different designs to choose from, so finding one to fit a small or large garden should be easy. If you would like a pond in your garden, having a small waterfall running into it or a little stream looping around your garden and back into the pond is another nice idea that would be very attractive. 

While having running water and listening to the gurgling sound is a pleasant experience, you also need to consider that the same should drain efficiently. You don’t want the water to end up clogging your drain pipes and ultimately eroding the entire experience of the garden. Most people tend to forget that drainage is an essential component of the garden. If you don’t want to face such issues, browse channel gratings. They help the water drain effectively and ensure that any branches, leaves, or other residue do not end up damaging your drain pipes


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Pergolas look wonderful over patios and decking and can be an excellent addition to your garden. You could place corrugate metal or plastic over the top if you would like to create a rain shelter or choose to leave it open if you would prefer. You can hang string lights or lamps from the beams above, allowing you to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere when you want to enjoy the garden on a summer’s night. A good tip is to grow climbing plants around your pergola, as this will provide …a floral vision and scent that will be the perfect finish to this space.” You can check out more pergola design ideas from Trueline.


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These hot features can be excellent for any time of year and can certainly create a dramatic effect to impress your guests. You can have a larger firepit built in your garden if you have a bigger space to work with, and they will probably be best situated on a patio. Place some comfortable garden chairs or loungers around it so that everyone can snuggle up by the warmth of the fire when the night gets cool and dark. If you don’t have the space or budget to have a firepit built, then consider investing in a chimenea to place on your patio instead.

If you would like to create an idyllic garden space that will look stylish and add value to your property, consider the above features and think about which would work best for your outdoor space. 

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