Traditional Kitchen Design ( 20 Best Ideas & Element Design)

3. Luxury Traditional Kitchen

traditional galley kitchen design ideas
Photo by Saint Clair Kitchen & Home

Try combining high contrast color tones like this kitchen from New York. Top contrast colors, such as white and dark tone wooden material, will give you a dramatic look that strikes a statement. This kitchen screams luxury and coziness, with impressive details on the cabinetry and beautiful decorative chandelier for the lighting. Not to mention the decorations such as silver utensils and metallic appliances.

4. Small Traditional Kitchen

kitchen faucets traditional design
Photo By Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Traditional kitchens have different styles that stretched from Old Word to Victorian. Whichever style you choose, you will have to know what features you need to get to make an authentic recreation. This kitchen is one of the traditional Victorian designs that can be included on your inspiration list. The dark tone is a great choice to create the vintage feeling, and the chandelier that is mimicking ancient lighting is that extra touch you would want to add to your kitchen. Victorian style is demanding for details and decorations, a perfect choice for you who want to have a lot of options to do some experiments.

5. Rustic Traditional Kitchen Design

traditional italian kitchen design

The porcelain floor has the neutral color scheme that binds together all the features this traditional kitchen in Los Angeles gets. The raised-panel cabinets are in a darker tone, complementing the beige ceramic backsplash and shiny granite countertops. The wooden materials of the cabinets are serving you with a luxurious vibe, while the warm lighting gives a homey ambiance.

6. Farmhouse Kitchen Design

small kitchen design indian style

Bring a little French touch to your kitchen. Cherry wood cabinets are an excellent choice, and the decorative corbels made it even more perfect. Besides, do not hold yourself when it comes to decorative legs for islands. This kitchen at North Rim is a great inspiration if you can’t decide what kind of embellishment you want to combine to create the traditional look you’re aiming.

7. Swedish Traditional Kitchen

traditional japanese kitchen design

When a Scandinavian theme is commonly featuring an eclectic style with pops of colors, it does not mean you can’t bring it to a different design. You can achieve the Scandinavian theme with all of its important elements such as simplicity, clean-lined features, warm-toned wood, and hints of colors while pulling off a traditional kitchen ideas look. Take a tour of this Swedish-inspired kitchen in Philadelphia, where the light colored oak wood floor combined with bright blue paint on the cabinets and island.

8. Spring Traditional House

traditional farmhouse kitchen ideas
Photo By V Fine Homes

Try to add this beautiful chandelier to the list, as it enhances the beauty of this open kitchen in Dallas. The copper material complements the whole room that’s dominated by the ivory color and light wooden tone for the flooring. A hint of colors that came from the cluttering decorations is also the kind of details you didn’t know you’ll need.

9. Traditional Kitchen with Flare

traditional style kitchen design
Photo by Kitchen & Bath Mart

Cherry cabinetry is serving you an authentic traditional kitchen aesthetics effortlessly. This way, you can have plenty of options for the backsplash. Try adding a decorative carved stone or tiles with patterns, let the backsplash complements the dark granite slab countertops. Also, the sculptured stone hood completes the whole look of the room, allowing you to pull off the perfect traditional design for your kitchen makeovers.

10. Green Traditional Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen cabinets
Photo by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Who says the color schemes of a traditional kitchen are limited to earthy tones such as beige, grey, or ivory? Bold ones like this green is a great option if you opt for bright colors.

You can pair it darker tone for the flooring, and light-colored quartz slabs for the countertops. Don’t forget the details such as decorative corbels or customized hood, as they are quite essential for you to achieve the traditional look.

11. Old-school House

traditional white kitchen design ideas
Photo By Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

A traditional kitchen can be luxurious, elegant, homey, or even quirky and edgy—the final look depends on which direction you want to go when you are remodeling your kitchen. Take a look at this kitchen from Cambridgeshire. It does have granite worktops and decorative lighting, and it also pulled the bold move by combining different styles for the cabinets and other items of furniture at the kitchen. This way, the kitchen is getting the traditional-quirky look that’s unique.

12. Vibrant Kitchen Backsplash

modern traditional kitchen design
Photo by Susan Jablon

Do you know you can make your backsplash becomes the most stand out feature of your kitchen? Try this multicolored backsplash to complement your light wood cabinets to create a statement. This look can be achieved with a ceramic backsplash that comes in vibrant colors, lighten up the area even though the countertops are in darker tones.

13. Creamy Traditional Kitchen

traditional asian kitchen design images
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Your exploration of traditional kitchen design should not be confined only on what the eyes can see. And Then, you can also decorate your ceiling to complete the style. Meanwhile, the dominating beige color can be a great option when it comes to ideas for the color scheme. Bright neutral colors like beige make the room looks more radiant, even if there is not much natural light comes in.

14. Turquoise Kitchen

traditional kitchen designs
Photo By Smartstyle Interiors

This small galley kitchen has that vintage vibe for its turquoise colors. The terracotta floor is complementing the room’s style perfectly, creating a traditional look effortlessly. On the other hand, metallic appliances go along well with the cabinets, giving a modern touch for the kitchen.

15. Traditional Beach Style Kitchen

small kitchen storage ideas
Photo By Sea Island Builders LLC

This traditional eat-in kitchen from Charleston is both beautiful and timeless, with the decorative details focus on the lighting, curtains, and backsplash. Furthermore, The customized wood hood and paneling enhance the entire look of the kitchen. Getting bar stools in a contrasting color will also make a statement and add the uniqueness of the room.

16. Elegant Traditional Kitchen

traditional home kitchens
Photo By Strathmore Floors-Design-Cabinets

If you opt for an elegant looking traditional kitchen, neutral colors such as white and soft grey are the perfect set of colors for it. Then, the light marble countertops and beige tile backsplash are also excellent combinations, along with glass hutches that built to match the counter doors.

17. Transitional Kitchen

modern kitchen designs photo gallery
Photo by Raegan Ford Interior Design

Finally, this traditional kitchen from Phoenix is another inspiration for your own. Get a manor-like kitchen with the medium tone wooden material applied for the cabinetry and island. Not Only That, this kitchen is in an ultimate and authentic traditional style for the fireplace-shaped hood, complete with the decorative corbels. The lighting is an ancient looking chandelier with a bit of modern twist.

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