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Traditional Kitchen Design ( 20 Best Ideas & Element Design)

9. Traditional Kitchen with Flare

Photo by Kitchen & Bath Mart

Cherry cabinetry is serving you an authentic traditional kitchen aesthetics effortlessly. This way, you can have plenty of options for the backsplash. Try adding a decorative carved stone or tiles with patterns, let the backsplash complements the dark granite slab countertops. Also, the sculptured stone hood completes the whole look of the room, allowing you to pull off the perfect traditional design for your kitchen makeovers.

10. Green Traditional Kitchen Design

Photo by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Who says the color schemes of a traditional kitchen are limited to earthy tones such as beige, grey, or ivory? Bold ones like this green is a great option if you opt for bright colors.

You can pair it darker tone for the flooring, and light-colored quartz slabs for the countertops. Don’t forget the details such as decorative corbels or customized hood, as they are quite essential for you to achieve the traditional look.

11. Old-school House

Photo By Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

A traditional kitchen can be luxurious, elegant, homey, or even quirky and edgy—the final look depends on which direction you want to go when you are remodeling your kitchen. Take a look at this kitchen from Cambridgeshire. It does have granite worktops and decorative lighting, and it also pulled the bold move by combining different styles for the cabinets and other items of furniture at the kitchen. This way, the kitchen is getting the traditional-quirky look that’s unique.

12. Vibrant Kitchen Backsplash

Photo by Susan Jablon

Do you know you can make your backsplash becomes the most stand out feature of your kitchen? Try this multicolored backsplash to complement your light wood cabinets to create a statement. This look can be achieved with a ceramic backsplash that comes in vibrant colors, lighten up the area even though the countertops are in darker tones.

13. Creamy Traditional Kitchen

Photo By

Your exploration of traditional kitchen design should not be confined only on what the eyes can see. And Then, you can also decorate your ceiling to complete the style. Meanwhile, the dominating beige color can be a great option when it comes to ideas for the color scheme. Bright neutral colors like beige make the room looks more radiant, even if there is not much natural light comes in.

14. Turquoise Kitchen

Photo By Smartstyle Interiors

This small galley kitchen has that vintage vibe for its turquoise colors. The terracotta floor is complementing the room’s style perfectly, creating a traditional look effortlessly. On the other hand, metallic appliances go along well with the cabinets, giving a modern touch for the kitchen.

15. Traditional Beach Style Kitchen

Photo By Sea Island Builders LLC

This traditional eat-in kitchen from Charleston is both beautiful and timeless, with the decorative details focus on the lighting, curtains, and backsplash. Furthermore, The customized wood hood and paneling enhance the entire look of the kitchen. Getting bar stools in a contrasting color will also make a statement and add the uniqueness of the room.

16. Elegant Traditional Kitchen

Photo By Strathmore Floors-Design-Cabinets

If you opt for an elegant looking traditional kitchen, neutral colors such as white and soft grey are the perfect set of colors for it. Then, the light marble countertops and beige tile backsplash are also excellent combinations, along with glass hutches that built to match the counter doors.

17. Transitional Kitchen

Photo by Raegan Ford Interior Design

Finally, this traditional kitchen from Phoenix is another inspiration for your own. Get a manor-like kitchen with the medium tone wooden material applied for the cabinetry and island. Not Only That, this kitchen is in an ultimate and authentic traditional style for the fireplace-shaped hood, complete with the decorative corbels. The lighting is an ancient looking chandelier with a bit of modern twist.

The Essentials Elements of Traditional Kitchen Design

What kind of style do you have in your mind? The Mediterranean? or something more like a Coastal look? Whichever it is, it is important to know that some basic elements must not be missed when it comes to creating a traditional kitchen design. Yes, it is true that this particular design is all about details. However, you should know that to achieve that perfect result it is more than that. Here are the essentials elements of traditional kitchen design you have to put down on your note:

Decorative details

Traditional kitchens are made to catch your guests in awe for the attention to decorative details. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have a bit of adornment and embellishment in all areas. Things like corbels, arches, crown moldings, raised panels, and even chandeliers are included as detailing decoration of a traditional kitchen. Sometimes those decorative details have the potential to make the room feels a bit overbearing. Worry not, they will take place just in the right portion if you know how to combine them properly.

Neutral Color Palette

One of the qualities of traditional kitchens is that it is designed to look timeless. The major part of the design that makes it will never go out of style is the color palette. We are talking about classic and neutral tones, such as light beige and crimson red. Traditional kitchens are usually formed in the combination of a warm and cool color scheme that makes them look homey and cozy. Other than that, a high contrast combination such as creamy white and charcoal will be resulting in a sophisticated dramatic look.

Luxury Countertop Materials

Do you ever wonder which part of your kitchen that stands out among the others? Well, it’s the countertops. Most of the time, countertops are the first feature of the kitchen that you will notice every time you walk in. Hence, it is crucial to have countertops that can shape the overall traditional look you wish to achieve. Traditional kitchens are mostly equipped with luxurious countertop materials such as Granite and Quartz, giving you the shiny marbling pattern with unique beauty. These materials are also known for their durability, and they will improve your property’s value.

Decorative Cabinet Door

When modern and contemporary kitchen are commonly completed with glossy, sleek, mixed materials cabinet doors, a traditional one is a little different. If you opt for a traditional look, the cabinet doors are usually the ones with a vintage style that focus on embellishment and details. The cabinetry should be able to give you the antique feeling with materials that look aged. Some cabinet doors look like they have been there for many generations—it is possible for you to get a newly made ones like that to achieve the design you want.

Antique cabinet Finishes

Getting a traditional kitchen look means you also need to have full features of it, including the antique cabinet finishes. Antique pieces of furniture are creating a statement, both boldness, and ageless beauty. On the other hand, antique kitchen cabinets finishes will give you the luxury and vintage appeal, perfect for your traditional kitchen.

Simple backsplash

Here is a protip: get a much simpler backsplash when you already have a lot going on for other parts of your kitchen. You get the corbels, the granite countertops, and old cabinetry—a busy backsplash will turn the whole room into a disaster. Instead of achieving the traditional look along with its luxurious and cozy vibe, you’ll feel overwhelmed if you could not combine the elements properly. Options such as ivory white ceramic or subway tiles are great for you to consider.

Decorative Lighting

It has no limit when it comes to lighting. While it’s fun to explore and experiment with an abundant options of it, remember that a traditional kitchen requires that one decorative lighting that can enhance the detail-oriented style of the room. Chandeliers are pretty standard because it serves you with the look that no other type of lighting can. You can also get the lantern-style one that will give you a more ancient feeling.

Custom Hoods

Add a little extra touch to the kitchen with a customized hood above your stove. This item gives you more space to decorate, completing the traditional look you wish to pull off. Metal, plaster, stone, and wooden hood can be an excellent choice, but remember to design it following the entire room’s look. Some people will add moldings and corbels, but a simpler one like carved stone would do.

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A traditional kitchen is all about details, embellishment, and adornments—the essential features that will serve you both the fantastic look and timeless design that will never go out of style. Now that you get plenty of inspirations for your next kitchen remodeling project, combining the essential elements properly will allow you to achieve the authentic, cozy, and unique traditional style.

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