Bohemian Decor Essentials: How to Decorate Your Home with Boho Rugs

Are you interested in redecorating your home so that it looks more vibrant, energetic, and cosy? If so, then boho rugs might be perfect for you. The interior design world has been witness to many different styles and trends over the years. Some of these include the minimalist look with monochromatic colours and natural lighting or using 3D art, tiles, and even carpets to decorate the walls and ceiling of your home.

One particular decorative style that has remained new and popular throughout the years is Bohemian decor. But what does the Bohemian style look like?

With the Bohemian or boho style, there are no set rules governing how you decorate your home. So, if you want to have a room with zig-zag wallpapers, layered rugs, and a bright yellow accent wall, it’s completely fine. Thus, introducing a boho look and feel into your home is quite easy. This style centers around decorating your living space in a way that exudes comfort and self-expression. There isn’t one set color or theme that is ideally boho. However, it does lean towards anything that covers the earthy look and a free spirit theme. This can look like wooden furniture, plush carpets and pillows, handmade art, and souvenirs.

Due to the variety of the Bohemian theme, there are a few tricks that you should use to create the perfect boho home. This article aims to outline a few of these tricks.

Choosing the Shape and Size of Your Boho Rug

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Before shopping for a rug when decorating, you should first think about what shape of the rug will best suit the room you are designing. Boho rugs come in a range of shapes, including circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, and hallway runners. The shape of the rug you want will largely depend on how you intend to use the rug.

For instance, a large rectangle-shaped rug will be best if you want to place the rug in a high-traffic area such as a lounge, kitchen, or dining room. But a runner or circle-shaped rug will work if you want to use the rug to define different sections in a large open-plan space. You can use a shaggy rug or check out carpets in Dubai for a more decorative look.

Deciding on a Color Theme to Create a Boho Vibe

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There are no set rules that you can apply when creating a boho atmosphere. However, a few set colors are key to the boho theme and design. These include neutral colors with a splash of warm and bright color tones. A classic example would be rust orange, peach, teal, purple, and electric blue. For the most part, the bohemian theme should be largely eclectic. However, colors that you should avoid are neon and colors with high saturation.

An ideal contemporary boho-themed room mainly consists of neutral colors such as brown, white, and gray. To include a touch of brightness, you can consider using a bright-colored area rug with hints of bright orange, yellow, blue, and green.

When deciding on your color theme, it is best to ensure that the color palette complements each other. Although an unconventional theme is key for boho-chic, the patterns on the upholstery should not clash with the colors and patterns of the rug. Ideally, the colors should complement each other. For example, in the living room with a gray couch, a black and white patterned rug will balance the boho theme.

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How to Properly Layer Boho Rugs

Layering two or even three rugs will work quite well to create a bohemian atmosphere. A basic trait of the boho theme is to create an image that echoes eccentricity and unconventionality. One decorative trick to achieve is to layer rugs. In order to layer rugs, it is best to start with a large area rug and place a smaller rug on top. In this case, ensure that the area rug is flat so that it doesn’t create an uneven surface.

To make the layered carpets stand out in a room, the colours and patterns of both should be different. Alternatively, the material and texture of each carpet should differ. An example will be using a shaggy rug with a soft cotton or wool rug. The area rug should be plain with no patterns and in a neutral colour such as white, light brown, or beige. The smaller carpet can be more vibrant with bright or dark colours and different patterns. The differences between the two rugs will create a statement piece and create a warm and cosy environment.

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As you can see, there are multiple combinations that you can use to create a unique bohemian style in your home with area rugs. The Important thing is to ensure the colour palette and patterns match the boho style and do not clash with furniture.

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