5 Tips to Make Your House Aesthetically Pleasing  

As 2022 comes to a close, you may be thinking of doing something cool and new with your home. Specifically, you may want to renovate your space to make it feel refreshing and reflect your current state of mind.   

Let’s look at some of the design trends in 2022, as you may find that this year’s trends continue onto next year. Moreover, it can be something other than trendy for you to like a specific style. If you think a certain aesthetic fits your personality, it’ll be perfect for adding it to your interior.  

You’ll also read more about some other tips that’ll help keep your home looking pristine and organized.   

Trendy Design Styles  

First, let’s go over some design trends that you might like to incorporate into your interior or use as a basis to create your unique style.   

Vintage Revival  

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To simplify vintage revival, it’s simply “a blend of old and new.” More specifically, you take old pieces of furniture and fit them with newer pieces or even the latest style. Instead of throwing out your older pieces of furniture, you can add them to your newly renovated spaces to give a contrasting look with the rest of the area and make your home feel unique and reflect your personality.  

Moreover, the Vintage Revival style is also the perfect reason to embrace any “outdated pieces” in your home. You don’t have to worry about these dated elements or if they’re currently trending. You can integrate them into your space by surrounding them with other timeless elements, so it doesn’t have to feel dated. The crucial takeaway is that the pieces work together to create a cohesive design that gives it a sense of elegance.  

Japandi Style  

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This design trend became one of the most searched design styles in 2022 for all the good reasons. This design style combines the best aspects of the Japanese architectural style, which is elegant minimalism, and the Scandanavian architectural simplicity and uncluttered decor.  

Key elements of the Japandi style are using minimal yet, functional architecture combined with natural materials, then organizing your furniture to make them feel like they are supposed to be there.  

The color tones of the Japandi style complete the calming atmosphere. The paint you’re looking for avoids anything attention-catching or too bright. Ideally, you would use muted tones similar to taupe or stone color.   

If you’re looking for a minimalist look with natural elements incorporated into your interior, the Japandi Style is an excellent aesthetic trend to follow.   

Incorporate Picture Frame Molding  

You would usually see Picture Frame Moldings on the tops and bottoms of a wall that serves as a transitional element between the wall and the floor/ceiling. While they serve as transitional elements, you can also use them as wainscoting to give some depth to your flat-looking walls and make them more attractive.   

Moreover, you can use these moldings to mimic the regency style. This style incorporates plenty of detail, dimension, and bright colors in your room, making it look more sophisticated. The regency style defined the era of early 19th-century England. While certainly the older style on this list, the classy look of this style is timeless and will look great when properly integrated into your home.  

Keeping Your House Organized  

While getting a renovation to incorporate a new style is the perfect way to inject new life into your home, you must maintain the aesthetic by adequately organizing your objects and a proper maintenance schedule.   

Clean Clockwise and Top-Down  

Cleaning can often feel like a tedious task as sometimes you get overwhelmed by how many things need to be put away or cleaned. However, it doesn’t have to feel this way. One tip you can incorporate into your cleaning habit is to clean your space, go clockwise and start from the upper parts of the room going down.  

Professional cleaners choose this tactic as it prevents them from getting overwhelmed with the overall cleaning tasks. To do this tactic yourself, you can go into a room, choose a starting point, and slowly work across the room clockwise. This method lets you stay focused on a particular area and make the cleaning experience less tiring.  

Cleaning from top to bottom is another vital cleaning habit that allows you to conserve energy. For example, dust and grime will accumulate on the countertop and floors when cleaning the overhead kitchen cabinets. If you’ve already cleaned the countertop and floors beforehand, you would need to clean them again after cleaning the cupboards. Working from top to bottom ensures you only have to clean specific areas once.  

Cleaning Vents and Air Ducts  

Studies conducted by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) show that indoor air pollutants are anywhere from 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air. For this reason, you must have methods to introduce fresh air into your home to make it feel as lovely as it looks.   

If you have any vents or air ducts, it’s vital to keep these clean from too much dust and prevent mold from growing. You won’t need to clean it regularly. Having a large walk-through access panel installed ensures you’ll have an easy time accessing your air ducts.  

In addition, HVAC ducts typically have some type of filter to screen out air pollutants because HVAC units do little to no air cleaning. As such, dirt and other impurities in the air are more likely to accumulate on these filters. Depending on how often you use your HVAC system and what type of filter, you may have to clean it as often as once every month.   

Wrapping Up  

It’s necessary to remember that the way your house looks should be consistent with your personality and what you find comforting. Even if something is trending, you can adapt to something other than that style, as it may not fit your taste.   

The most influential factor in making your home comfortable is how comfortable it makes you feel, whether through adopting certain aspects of a trend or taking part in it entirely. 

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