Tips for Buying Homemade Tableware

Buying tableware can be challenging as there are a couple of things you need to consider. However, looking for homemade tableware is even tougher. Homemade crockery will spruce up your kitchen due to their unique design.

You have to ensure that everything you get from bowls to dinner plates is of high quality. There are plenty of e-commerce sites and home businesses that sell homemade dishware. In this guide are the top tips to consider when shopping for homemade tableware.

Your Budget

Homemade tableware can be more expensive than regular crockery that you may find in supermarkets. The first thing you need to do is set your budget to help you avoid two things: overspending on dishware that you don’t need and not getting value for your money.

We recommend writing a list of what utensils you want in your kitchen. Consider the number of people in your household when curating this list. You can go for a set of four to six for a two-person household.

The prices will vary depending on the quality and workmanship done on the tableware. Some wholesale shops can offer price discounts if you buy more sets. A good place to find quality homemade tableware is at the Supper Club online shop. They pride themselves in making handmade pottery for your home. 

Research on Materials

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Most tableware is made from ceramic. However, you need to know that manufacturers can make ceramics using different types of materials. Porcelain, stoneware, and bone china are good options if you are interested in getting ceramic crockery.

Bone china and porcelain are originally from China. You might also come across the term fine China, which is used to cover items made from high-quality ceramics from China. However, beware thar some marketers name their products fine china as a marketing trick.

You will also find tableware made from plastic, metal, and glass. They are cheaper, but glass and plastic utensils aren’t durable. In addition, plastic utensils aren’t good for everyday use and they also look too casual.

Review the Shape and Size

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Ensure that you consider the size and shape of each utensil before buying it. This is important as you don’t want to buy dinner plates or cooking pots that will not fit in your cabinet or storage space. Measure your storage space to see which size of tableware will fit. 

Get the right size of crockery to ensure that you maximize the available space in your kitchen. Also, compare the tableware to what you already have. Nothing looks out of place like having plates that don’t match the size of your existing forks or spoons. 

Plates that have a wide circumference have lower bottoms, meaning that they will only carry small portions of food. Go for plates with a smaller rim but wider base that can carry larger portions of food. We recommend going for flat plates if you are unsure which shape will work best for you.

When buying bowls, you need to remember that there are two distinct types: deep and shallow bowls. Shallow bowls are perfect for serving soups while the deep bowls are for cereals or rice. Deep bowls can also be used for serving soup and are more all-purpose than shallow ones.

Pattern is Important

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Tableware can be formal or official. However, if you are short on cash, you can go for a set that works best for both occasions. On the other hand, if money is not a problem, you can get two different sets: one casual and the other formal.

Remember that patterns or decorative designs can go out of fashion. This is why we recommend going for designs or patterns with a classic look. But, you will never go wrong with plain white cups or plates.

Experts in the hotel industry say that plain white plates make the diner focus more on the food. You can buy plain white sets for serving main courses. Colored sets for serving other dishes will help complement your dining table with more color and design.

Focus on Durability

We touched a little bit on durability when discussing types of material. There are plenty of studies online that review different dinnerware set materials based on their durability. The porcelain vs. bone china debate is never-ending, but other things can affect the durability of ceramic dinnerware.

The shape is one of the main factors that can affect the durability of your tableware. For example, a set of dinner plates with irregular shapes are prone to breaking if stacked together. Also, if the manufacturing process wasn’t done well, your tableware may not last long.

Stoneware, bone china, and porcelain are all good ceramics that can last long if well-maintained. 


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Nowadays, it is a common trend for people to take photos of their meals or dinner table setup and post them on social media. How do your plates, knives, and forks look? Are they great for closeup photos?

This is very important, especially if you run a catering business. The aesthetics of your tableware will depend on its shape, designs, and colors. As mentioned before, flat plain-white plates will match different themes. 

Read Company Reviews

Homemade products can be limited to certain states or cities depending on the size of the company. As such, this can make getting reviews of the company tricky. However, you can visit their social media pages to see what other clients are saying.

Focus more on quality and prices. Remember, don’t overpay for tableware just because they are homemade. Visit the shop and inspect the quality of the crockery available. 

Wrapping Up

The tips shared in this guide will help you find the best homemade tableware for your kitchen. High-quality dinnerware will set you for a couple of years. You should also explore ways of getting the sets at a cheaper price. For example, you can shop with family or friends to get tableware sets at a lower price.

Also, buy the tableware from shops that offer an open-stock option. This will allow you to pick plates or cups that are in good condition. Do price reviews before walking into the shop. This will help you find quality crockery that is worth your money.

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