Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

Starting a career in the real estate industry can be pretty tempting to a lot of people. However, before you start anything, it is important that you inform yourself about what the industry has to offer. Being a professional real estate agent requires a lot of work and effort on your part. Although there are definitely a lot of benefits of being a real estate agent, there are also some aspects that a lot of people agree are cons.

That being said, in this article, we will go over the pros and cons to being a real estate agent in order to help you learn more. If you are interested in the topic and want to become a professional real estate agent yourself, we recommend you read on. We will answer all of your questions and more, so without any more delay, let us dive right in.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

First things first, let’s go over what a real estate agent is. The most basic definition is that a real estate agent is someone that represents clients during the process of buying or selling real estate property. However, real estate agents do a lot more than that. They are responsible for assisting their clients, looking for available properties on the listings, performing analysis, scheduling showings, advertising, and constantly networking and looking for potential clients.

Doing these duties right is important if you want to create a successful career as a real estate agent. Furthermore, real estate agents can either work on their own or they can join a brokerage. Either way, the main method of earning an income as a real estate agent is through commissions. Every time a real estate agent closes a deal, they earn a percentage of the overall price of the sold real estate.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

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As we have mentioned above, being a real estate agent has a lot of benefits but also some drawbacks.If you decide to become a real estate agent, you will first have to finish a real estate school. Some of the pros on this list might just be the reason why you chose real estate as your career path in the first place. Here are the most notable pros and cons of being a real estate agent:


Work When You Want

Working as a real estate agent is nothing like a standard 9 to 5 job. In this industry, you are your own boss and you can create a working schedule that perfectly fits your day. This way you are extremely flexible and you will not have to miss important things due to your work.

Salary is Not Limited

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In the real estate industry, the sky is your limit. Your potential income is not limited to a specific salary and there is no need to wait for a promotion of any kind. With enough dedication and understanding of the market, you can drastically increase your salary.

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Helping People

Helping families find their dream home is one of the most memorable experiences you can get as a real estate agent. With every new satisfied client, you will get a feeling of satisfaction. This is an important factor as it keeps you motivated to work and find new clients.

Flexible Career Choice

Being a real estate agent is as flexible as it gets. When you are your own boss, you can create your own business according to your needs. Additionally, the knowledge you get from becoming a real estate agent can help you transition into other aspects of the real estate industry.


When you do the job right as a real estate agent, there is a high chance your clients will refer you to their friends and family. The more satisfied customers you have the more your business can potentially grow.


Long Days

Working as a real estate agent often means long hours. As you are not bound to the standard 9 to 5 job, you will find yourself working more than a 40-hour workweek. You might even need to work during the weekends if it is necessary.

Fewer Commissions

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As we have mentioned already, as a real estate agent your main source of income is commissions. Sometimes, there is a chance that you might not have as many clients as you would like. This can seriously reflect on your income.

Stressful Environment

Helping your clients is one of the most satisfying parts of being a real estate agent. However, sometimes things do not go as planned. In these situations, your clients need to make a serious financial decision which can make them doubt their choices which in turn makes the whole situation that much more stressful.

No Regular Clients

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, a lot of clients will only need your help once. The majority of people usually make only a few real estate purchases in their lives. This is why you cannot rely on regular clients to bring you a constant income every month.

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