How To Create Animal Proof Garden Fence: 6 Tips To Follow 

Animal invasion in your precious garden spaces can ruin your set-up and damage your plants and flowers to great extents. There is nothing more devastating than waking up to the sight of your hard work getting destroyed literally overnight. Therefore, installing animal fences such as wood, metal, and vinyl fencing in Bloomington IL, can help you secure your garden and minimize animal invasion all year long. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your animal fencing and protect your garden from unwanted animal events, this article can help you in many ways. 

We have listed some top effective ways you can add safety measures in your garden without compromising the appearance of your outdoor home decor. Here are the top six incredible ways to create animal-proof garden fencing for your home. 

1. Build tall walls 

make a higher wall to protect your garden from animal
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One of the best ways to keep animals away from your home is by installing tall fences across your property. If you live in a wildlife-populated area, you should consider installing anything between 6-7 feet tall. For additional protection, install barbed wire fencing or spiked structures to avoid dangerous animals entering your property.  

2. Bury the fences 12 inches underground 

It is important to understand that animals can also enter your property by digging holes in the ground. Burying your fences 12 or more underground can help you block the possibility of them entering your garden through the ground. Additionally, burying your fences will also help you strengthen your fences from falling down during uncertain weather conditions or other events. 

3. Double fencing  

using double fence make  it has double protector
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It is always best to opt for double protection, especially for people residing in wildlife-populated regions. You can keep a gap of one-two foot between the fences, not providing much space for animals to move in case they enter your territory. Some animals can jump really high, ensure to add barbed wire or spike structures on your fencing or walls to avoid them getting inside your garden. 

4. Opt for durable fences 

When it comes to animal-proof garden fences, you should always opt for sturdy quality fences over other options. Besides harming your crops or plants, wild animals can possess a great threat to your family members and surroundings. You can also consider alarm features that will inform you the minute any animal or intruder enters your property. 

5. Regular maintenance and repair 

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Your fences are constantly exposed to different weather conditions and other elements present outdoors. Harsh weather conditions and other elements can harm the core of your fences and result in early wear and tear problems. Regularly maintaining and repairing your fences will help you treat the potential problems with your fences and add more lifespan to the same. 

6. Hire professionals 

Lastly, if you don’t have the required experience or knowledge about installing fences, you should consider hiring a good and reputable fencing expert for your garden. Fencing experts can help you select the best fencing option and cost-effectively find solutions to all your problems. 

To avoid animals from climbing up all the way to your garden, you can consider including flower beds outside your property. This way, you can distract them from getting attracted to the crops in your garden. 

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