6 Home Improvement Ideas As We Approach Summer

Summer means different things for different people. For some, it’s a time to lounge in a cozy pool, stick their toes in the sand, or go on a long-sought vacation. For homeowners, it’s the perfect time for some home improvement.

While a home renovation project can be the perfect summertime activity for a homeowner, it’s also a great way to give the property a fresh new look for this notable season. If this is your plan, what projects should you tackle? We understand that the list is endless. So we’ve done the work for you.

Here are six home improvement ideas to tackle as the summertime comes.

1. Bring your deck and porch back to life

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When last did you lounge on your deck? Probably last summer. With fall, winter, and spring following after, you have had no need for your deck. But the approaching summertime presents an opportunity to lounge outdoors once again.

So go ahead and spruce up your deck by staining or deep cleaning as needed. A putty knife will be most valuable in cleaning out cracks and crevices. If you don’t already have a deck, consider adding one, as it will even increase your home’s value.

Or is it a porch? The same thing applies. Summertime involves a lot of outdoor activities. It’s what makes it unique. Lounge outside with family for some bonding time.

2. Get your landscape up to spec

Your landscape is crucial to your curb appeal. So if brown spots are already disrupting your lawn’s beauty due to the rains, it’s time to put all of that in order. A vertical garden is a great element to bring into your landscape if you want to add something new. This is an excellent way to spruce up your landscape in a limited space not big enough for a lawn.

Also, pay attention to your walkway. If there are cracks, spending a few bucks on fixing them up can help rejuvenate the overall look of your exterior.

3. Consider painting your front door

Photo by Lina Kivaka

What makes painting your front door one of the best home improvements for the summer? It’s super easy!

With just a little amount of paint and a spare hour, you can change the overall look of your exterior simply by giving your front door a facelift. And as the summertime approaches, one of the choicest colors to use is yellow. It’s pitch-perfect and quintessential, like the color of the brilliant summer sun.

Also, check your shutters and facade if they too could do with a facelift.

4. Get your air conditioner summer-ready

Your air conditioner will work more in the hot summer months, so you want to ensure it breathes freely. So go on and check the filters and vents to ensure everything is in order. If these areas are clogged, conditioned air will not readily enter the rooms, and the AC unit will overwork to close the temperature gap. That will hurt your electric bills each month.

Cranking up your air conditioner is a must-do for summertime.Visit sites like comfortcrewtx.com for more information

5. Check pests

Warmth and dampness are some of the things attracting pests into your home. And summer presents just the ideal conditions for that.

With your home warmer, cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, and other bugs will find comfort in your space. And they will disrupt your peace. But not to worry, with some pest control tricks like netting your windows and taking out the garbage, you can prevent an infestation.

Furthermore, consider getting professional pest control right before summertime, as it can make your home pest-free for the next 2-3 months. If you’re living in florida you may check this one Stuart Pest Control. Another Option you may check is Turner Pest Control in Fort Myers, FL

How is pest control a home improvement tip for the summer? Why it helps to enhance comfort and peace in your home by eliminating unsightly bugs!

6. Revive your pool

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Hurrah! A lounge in the pool under the midday sun. What could be better?

With the winter and spring behind you, it’s not embarrassing to find that your pool is unkempt from lack of use. Why spend time maintaining something you do not immediately need?

But as summertime comes, your longing for the pool increases exponentially, so pool cleaning should be on your bucket list.

Whether you’re scheduling professional pool cleaning weekly or going DIY, ensure you only do what you need as your budget will allow. Some essentials include balancing the water’s pH, vacuuming, and checking filters.

Wrapping up

Tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock as summertime approaches. So what home improvement project are you getting your hands on? Whether it’s painting your front door, controlling pests, or a deck remodel, remember that each one is a worthy investment in your home.

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