20 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas In your Home ( Photos & Place To Hide)

Easter egg hunt has been a long-running annual tradition. At first, hiding and finding Easter eggs is joyful. But over time, kids are used to the places where the adults hide the eggs; hence the tradition can get boring. Therefore, Easter egg hunting needs some creative ideas to stay exciting and fun.

Easter is the perfect moment to strengthen your relationship with family, friends, and the people around you. Hence, making the Easter egg hunt that involves everyone is the right thing to do. Furthermore, more people means more help. They can make the hunting easier to innovate.

If you’re looking for inspiration to spice up the Easter egg hunt game, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered all the best ideas we found here. We also made sure that all the ideas we provided are suitable for everyone. Be sure to check them all out.

Source: 5-Minutes Crafts Youtube Channel

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Everyone

Although the Easter egg hunt is not the purpose of Easter, it’s a good tradition to keep Easter moments delightful. To make sure that the Easter egg hunt is fun every year, the tradition should introduce something new and innovative. Fortunately, this part will fill you in with a handful of ideas that you can apply to keep the Easter egg hunt fun and unforgettable.

1. Easter Egg hunt and Pinata

easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers
Photo by The Merrythought

Pinata can be a great addition to the Easter egg hunt. Not only the pinata itself is a fun game to play, but combining the classic Easter egg with pinata can make the tradition much more fun. The kids can find the hidden Easter eggs, and the one with the most eggs can be the first one to whack the pinata.

2. Bunny-like Easter Eggs

easter egg hunt ideas for adults
Photo by Smart School House

Another way to make the prize of the Easter egg hunt more interesting is to decorate the eggs. Use permanent markers to draw adorable bunny faces on every egg. Moreover, you can also use crepe papers to make the ears for them.

3. Botanical Easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt game
Photo by The House That Lars Built

One of the purposes of reinventing the Easter egg hunt is to make the hunt less predictable, and this is one solution to do that. If you have a garden and the weather is good enough to play outside, the botanical Easter egg hunt is a must-try. Just paint the eggs to blend well with the plants and flowers to make the hunt more challenging and entertaining.

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4. Environmentally safe Easter egg hunt

community easter egg hunt ideas
Photo by Lia Griffith

Instead of using plastic eggs to play the Easter egg hunt, you can also use wooden eggs as an alternative. They are as durable as the plastic ones, yet they are safe for the environment. Using them is a great way to make sure that the earth is also happy during Easter.

5. Portrait Easter eggs

easter egg hunt ideas for large groups
Photo by A Subtle Revelry

This idea will work much better and become more challenging if there are more people to take part in it. The number of eggs and the number of people joining the hunt are the same. So, each one of them should only find one egg that has their face on it. The one who discovered their egg the fastest won the Easter egg hunt. Undeniably, this is one of the best easter egg hunt ideas for large groups.

6. Bunny Crowns Easter Egg Hunt

indoor easter egg hunt ideas
Photo by Meethaha

Giving the kids something to wear when they look for Easter eggs is one way to spice up the Easter atmosphere. These bunny crowns, for example, are the perfect wearables for the kids. They are easy to create and comfortable to wear.

7. Bath-themed Easter egg

easter egg hunt clues
Photo by Paper N’ Stitch

This idea offers two ways: you can have plastic eggs filled with bath toys, bath bombs, or color-fizzing tablets and play the Easter egg hunt inside the bathtub if you have younger kids to play it. As for teenagers, you can fill the plastic eggs with self-care items such as body lotion, sleep mask, or nail-polish.

8. Easter egg crates

Photo by Catch My Party

Egg crates can make a good Easter egg hunt. Give each kid that participates in an egg crate before the hunt. Ask them to bring the crates to the starting line and start the hunt. Ultimately, the first kid to fill every slot in their crate wins.

9. Egging your Neighbors

easter egg hunt ideas for schools
Photo by The House That Lars Built.

Some kids find Easter egg hunting less exciting as they get older. If that happens, you can try to ‘egg your neighbors’ as an alternative. Instead of throwing eggs at your neighbors’ house, the kids can place a giant egg in front of each home. The egg can be filled with treats or useful items. The kids will feel good after showing affection towards their neighbors by doing it.

10. Easter Egg Poppers

easter egg scavenger hunt
Photo By Studio DIY

Hanging egg poppers that are filled with treats is an untraditional approach to Easter egg hunt. Each kid can pull, twist, and pop them based on the color they have. Also, making the poppers colorful and shaped like candy is one way to make the egg poppers more interesting.

11. Scavenging Easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt games
Photo by The Merrythought

The scavenger hunt is a great concept to apply in that day. Empty the eggs and write numbers chronologically on each egg. After that, put a clue in each egg that leads to the next numbered egg. The last egg will lead the kids to find the Easter baskets filled with treats as the prize. Without a doubt, an easter egg scavenger hunt can be phenomenal.

12. Easter themed prizes

easter egg hunt prizes for adults
Photo by Martha Stewart

Instead of reinventing the Easter egg hunt itself, this idea helps you to make the prize of the hunt more exciting and surprising. Orange and green crepe papers are all you need to make this. With them, you can wrap the prizes to look like carrots so that they match with the Easter bunny himself.

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13. Puzzling Easter egg hunt

easter ideas for adults
Photo by Makes the best of Everything

This idea can make the kids work collaboratively. Just put pieces of a puzzle that fit the number of participants in the eggs and hide them. After that, you can ask the kids to find all the pieces to complete the puzzle to get the prize.

14. Night Easter egg hunt

easter activities for adults
Photo by lil luna

There may be rain on Easter morning. If that happens, the options are either to do the Easter egg hunt indoors or at night. That’s right; a handful of glow sticks inside the plastic eggs can make the eggs visible at night.

15. Romantic egg hunt

the great easter egg hunt game funschool
Photo by Dating Divas

If you are looking for Easter egg hunt ideas for adults, you can also create one for the couples. Instead of leading the participants to chocolates and candies, the eggs can lead them to their partners. Or, you could also ask the partners to bring Easter baskets for an extra surprise.

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