Top 5 Ways How to Keep Gas Grill Clean like New

How to Keep Gas Grill Clean The grilling season is almost here as the warm months have finally arrived. Perhaps, there is no better way to enjoy the summer than to grill food and have a quality time with friends and family. To have a wonderful barbecuing experience, you need a functional grill. You can find some of the best gas grills from reputed online stores. 

Usually, gas grills have a long life if properly taken care of. However, the ones that aren’t cleaned or regularly maintained wear off soon. The burners start getting clogged, gunk gets built up, and eventually, rust takes off your grill. Therefore, one must take proper care of their gas grills to continue having that belching meat-searing fire. 

Read more to find the top ways to take care of your gas grill to preserve it longer.

Preheat your Gas Grill properly

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This is the first step one should follow before using their gas grill. Preheat your gas grill on high heat and close the lid. Leave the grill for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Preheating the empty grill ensures old-burnt food, dirt, and microorganisms from left-over food are incinerated. 

As the residue comes out from the grates, you can clean it and get going. You will need a heat-resistant scrubber to get everything off the grater. Once done with the preheating, you are good to go.

Keep the Grates clean.

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Keeping the grates clean is mandatory unless you want to keep accumulating remnant foods, grease, bacteria, and debris. The grates are the part of the gas grill that comes in direct contact with the food. Therefore, keeping them clean is crucial for proper health and hygiene. Not just that, grates that start having debris accumulated on and around them emit less heat and affect the gas grill’s functionality.

To clean the grates, one needs to take them out and scrub them thoroughly. Using a scrubbing brush will clean the hard residues from the grates. However, after extensive cooking days, the grates need some extra care. Get a barbeque sprayer and clean the grates thoroughly to avoid anything getting left back on them.

The right Grill Brush matters

A grill brush is the best weapon to manage dirty grills. Some of the different types of brush materials to choose from are nylon, steel, and brass. One must buy the right one to ensure proper cleaning. 

Here are some points on how one can determine which one is better:

  • If the gas grill has an expanded steel grill or one with cast iron, steel brushes will be the most effective one to clean the grates.
  • If it has delicate porcelain grates, Brass brushes will work better than steel. 
  • Nylon ones will do the job for those who need an even softer brush.

One needs to choose the brush according to their machine.

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Check for Propane leaks regularly.

Sometimes, the gas pipeline and the connection joints wear off or loosen, and gas leaks occur. To ensure no Propane leaks, you need to do a monthly DIY test. Get some soapy water and pour them over and along the gas line and joints while keeping the gas turned on. 

If you find bubbles, you need to figure out whether the leak is on the pipeline or the connection has loosened. In some cases, if the pipe is old, users might even need to replace it.

Clean the Burners, Plates, and the Burner Protectors

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The burner protectors are handy in shielding the burners from debris and grease that forms after daily usage. A dirty burner protector is a hub of bacteria. Clean the burner protector by removing them from the grills. One can use a soft sponge and soapy water to clean it and wipe it with a wet cloth. Continue doing this daily if you use the gas grill daily. 

Underneath the burner protectors, one can find the burners. And under the burners, there are the plates. By using a wet cloth and soapy water, reach for the reachable area of the burners. One can easily pull them out for the plates and clean them with the grill brush. After prolonged use, these plates are most likely to have large portions of grease and food. Clean them thoroughly. Cleaning the burners twice or thrice every season is enough for the long life of the gas grill.

Wrapping Up

The best gas grills come in all price ranges. While the budget ones come around less than $10,000, the luxury ones cost almost $15,000 to $20,000 on an average. Regardless of which product you buy, you need to take care of it to keep using it for years. So you now how to Keep Gas Grill Clean, and do it by yourself.

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