Key Factors to consider when painting your bedroom

Everyone likes a little change in life every now and then. A simple shift from our monotonous routine has the power to influence our mood, perspective, and overall mental well-being. One way of bringing change in life is to transform our living environment – especially the bedroom. It is a place where we find solace after a long tiring day, and it should reflect our individuality through its style and colors. One does not need to buy new furniture or move apartments to bring about the required transformation, instead, just a fresh stroke of paint can do the job. 

Painting your bedroom can significantly modify the ambiance and energy around you. Depending on the colors you surround yourself with, the size, and the brightness, the overall vibe of the room could be enhanced significantly. Experimenting with different shades and patterns could be a great boost to your creativity, and the whole process of painting your bedroom can prove to be cathartic. 

Well, these are some factors you need to keep in mind whenever you plan to revamp your bedroom by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Getting the room ready

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Planning is the key to the seamless execution of any project. Before even selecting colors or patterns, you should probably pay attention to some preparatory steps. Well, if it all sounds tedious to you, it could all be taken off your plate by hiring some professional residential painting services. They will handle all the pre and post-painting stuff without any trouble and can work according to your taste and convenience. But if you have that creative energy in you that needs to be channelized, you should take the front seat and lead this fun experience along with your family members or friends. 

For the preparatory phase, clearing up the room of any bulky furniture or clutter makes sense because it allows easy movement. It also protects your precious items from getting soiled or stained. If you don’t have much space to bring the furniture outside of the room, at least bring it all in the center and cover it with a piece of cloth. 

Next step should be to inspect the walls and wipe them clean of any dust or dirt so that the paint can adhere better to the surface. Any cracks or holes should also be filled, and switches or power outlets covered before trying out the paint. Then you need to cover the floor near the wall with paper, and you can move on to the next step.

Choosing the right color

Now comes the best part, choosing the right color scheme for your bedroom. This might sound tricky, but for an artistic soul, it is like a dream. To play with different colors on the canvas of your mind and create a masterpiece that would look exquisite on your walls. 

If you have been surrounded by the simple tones of white and beige for the longest time, now is the time to add a little color to your home. Don’t be afraid to add a feature wall with some vibrant colors for your bedroom. Make sure that it complements the other colors used in the room and also befits your own personality and vibe. 


While deciding the color think about what kind of energy you want to come home to each night dependening on if you are a nature lover who loves to indulge in tranquil greenery or you are a party lover who would like to keep the vibrant aura on all day. According to these  facts, you could add subtle shades of green, red, blue, or yellow respectively to your bedroom feature wall and then select lighter tones complementing the main color for adjacent walls.

Moreover, when picking colors, keep in mind a few pointers regarding the effects of light and dark shades on the size and overall design of a room.

  • Light and cool colors tend to appear farther away and make the space look larger than it is. 
  • The same colors on the ceiling and walls let your eye see no edges, and therefore the room could look more spacious.
  • Different color on the ceiling and walls makes the edges prominent, thus, the size of the room becomes more evident.
  • Warmer colors on ceilings or walls appear to move toward the eye and make the space a bit cozier.
  • Dark colors don’t always make a space look compact. Instead, if used in correct shades without highlighting the edges, they can enhance the homely feeling of the room.
  • Test and Prime

It is always a good idea to test the desired color on a small area of the wall before painting the whole room. This step may seem like an unneeded one, but it will surprise you how testing colors could change your choices. A color that looked perfect on Pinterest and swatches might not align with your room’s dynamics when seen in real. 

Likewise, Primers are also great preparatory material. They seal the wall and provide a base for the paint to adhere to for a lasting finished look. They even tend to hide any imperfect spots on the wall and aid in getting the desired results. But regardless, using primer or not, remember to clear all debris off your walls before the first stroke.

Final Considerations

The creative endeavor of painting your bedroom allows you to customize your surroundings, making it a true reflection of who you are. Because it is not merely about adding a fresh coat of paint but a unique opportunity to create a space that is not only aesthetically appealing but also deeply personal. On top of that, you could play with colors and patterns to make your space look a certain size or vibe. This gives you the power to uplift your mood and nurture your spirit. So, grab that paintbrush, turn on the artistic vibe, and let the transformation begin!

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