How To Incorporate Sustainable Materials Into Your Kitchen Design

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen with a new kitchen design why not make it an eco-friendly sustainable design that doesn’t cost the Earth?

By implementing some simple changes to your kitchen design you can create a stylish and sustainable kitchen that not only looks unique and amazing but also benefits the health of the planet and is conscious of the people around you. 

No matter what kitchen style you choose for your new kitchen renovation, you can make it sustainable and eco-friendly. Whether you are going for a classical, traditional style kitchen or a new, sleek modern design there are plenty of ways you can integrate eco-friendly resources so your new renovation isn’t harming the planet and you are therefore playing your part in a greener world. 

Throughout this kitchen design blog, we will provide advice on how to incorporate sustainable materials into your kitchen renovation so you can be as eco-friendly as possible in your new kitchen. 

3 Sustainable Ways You Can Make Your Next Kitchen Renovation Eco-Friendly 

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Three ways you can make your next kitchen renovation eco-friendly and not only design a  more stylish and unique kitchen but also save some money on resources along the way is by:

  • Implementing sustainable materials into your kitchen cabinets
  • Sustainable countertop options
  • Integrating energy-efficient appliances into the design

Sustainable Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets and units are one of the main components of a new kitchen renovation. They play a key role in shaping your kitchen into the structure and plan that you want it to be and ultimately are the bare-bone structure of your kitchen plan.

Therefore, if you are choosing an unsustainable and unrenewable material that your kitchen cabinets are made out of, you will ultimately be harming the planet without even realising it. Thus by selecting a sustainable material for your kitchen cabinets, you can make the biggest impact in helping to save the planet.

So what are the best sustainable materials for your kitchen cabinets?

The best sustainable materials for eco-friendly kitchen cabinets are bamboo cabinets, recycled and salvaged wood, FSC-certified wood and water-based finishes. 

Each of these options provides a sustainable alternative that not only looks stylish and unique but is also 100% sustainable and great for the environment. 

Countertop Options with Sustainability in Mind

When it comes to your kitchen worktops it is important to keep sustainability in mind. Worktops cover the majority of your kitchen and if you choose a material that is damaging to the environment that is a lot of material that has to be produced.

Therefore, if you keep this fact in mind by choosing a renewable and sustainable countertop for your new kitchen design, you can ensure that you are selecting a worktop that is healthy for both the world we live in and your home itself. 

There are plenty of different options that you can choose from when it comes to sustainable kitchen worktops including, recycled glass, bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled paper composite, concrete, timber and stainless steel.

By including some of these types of worktops in your new kitchen design, not only will you save money but you will create a sustainable kitchen that is healthy for the environment and also creates a quirky and innovative kitchen surface. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

You may not believe it but your appliances use up a lot of energy. An inefficient appliance that is old and not running as well as it should do, can actually waste a lot of energy which could be used elsewhere. Thus leading to less sustainability and a larger cost to your electric bill.

In the UK, energy efficiency for domestic appliances is graded on a scale from A – F, with A being the most energy efficient and thus most sustainable type of domestic appliance. On the other hand, an appliance that is rated an F for energy efficiency will be far more costly as it will waste energy and use up more of it, making it less sustainable for the environment.

We recommend choosing a domestic appliance with at least a rating of C or higher. This way not only can you waste less energy and be more sustainable for the environment but you will also save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills over the years if you keep your high-rated energy-efficient appliances. 


You should now have a comprehensive idea of how you can make your next kitchen renovation more sustainable and eco-friendly for the environment. You can now play your part in an eco-friendly world whilst creating a kitchen that is guaranteed to be unique from all your friends and family.

Furthermore, choosing eco-friendly resources that are sustainable allows you to save money on your kitchen renovation budget so you can spend it on whatever you prefer. Going green has so many positives to it that you would be silly not to attempt to do it.

Not only can you create some super good-looking kitchen designs by incorporating sustainable materials but you are also looking after the world and playing a part in a wider message of keeping the world greener. 

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