Functions of a construction site barrier

A construction site barrier works as a protective measure to keep a construction site safe from traffic and trespassers. It can also keep the public safe from any dangers. Remember that there are various types of safety measures to meet the needs of different applications. A construction barrier is a physical item that comes in the form of a fence or sign. The good news is Lakeside Hire keeps different types of construction site barriers that you can hire. This article discusses the construction site barriers.   

Functions of a construction site barrier

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Furthermore, you can use a construction site barrier to limit the movements of equipment and equipment in predetermined areas. You can choose to use the barriers so that you can do a specific project on the construction site without disturbances.

You can also use a construction barrier to protect the current trees from the damage or abrasion that may occur during the construction activities. Also, You can protect sensitive areas, such as newly seeded areas and water bodies by using construction barriers. 

There are several areas that may be suitable for you to use a construction barrier. You can use construction barriers in areas where you need to protect a property, there are earth changes, or want to protect the natural resources. It’s crucial to use construction barriers once you start the project until you complete it. 

Types of construction barriers

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As mentioned earlier, there are different types of construction barriers on the market. One of them is called the Avalon barrier. You can use an Avalon barrier to enclose road works or even to create a temporary pedestrian walkway. An Avalon barrier is made up of tough recyclable polythene, meaning you can use it for many years. 

They are easy and quick to use in uneven ground and you can fit them with signage where required. This barrier can withstand different types of wind speed. Other uses of Avalon barriers include protecting workers around manholes, sectioning off spaces of a building site, and creating pedestrian walkways. 

If you want to direct foot traffic or even keep your workers safe on a construction site, then the 2.3 meter pedestrian barrier is a great solution. Building a noticeable and safe barrier can keep the public and workers safe from dangers on a construction site. The good thing is that it’s easy to install and transport a pedestrian barrier and you can also easily stack it when stored. In most cases, pedestrian barriers are utilized at sporting events where the public requires queuing safely.


If you desire to have a highway barrier system, then crash tested concrete barriers are a good solution. You can connect with a third-party company that offers concrete barriers, ant-gawk screens, and dust control solutions for construction sites to get these types of equipment easily. They are sturdy and strong barriers. You can use these barriers to protect against car collisions for your workers and other vehicles and to prevent major injuries or accidents. Then, you can opt for crash-tested or heavy duty that suits the specific needs of your construction site. You should remember that concrete barriers come in a wide range of sizes and can weigh more than two tones. There are fence attachments that are compatible with these barriers.

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