Exploring High Street and Hotels Dining Experiences by WonderDays

Among the hustle and bustle of high street dining, WonderDays appears as a purveyor of wildly different gourmet extravaganzas; meals become life-changing momentos. WonderDays beckons you to start a culinary adventure of a lifetime, from London’s captivating alley streets to the sun-splashed vineyards of Sicily. Now is the time to explore the diverting and sumptuous high street cuisine here. Each one is a work of art in itself

An Italian Vegan Wine and Nibbles Experience

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It’s time to raise your taste buds: enjoy WonderDays ‘Italian Vegan Wine and Nibbles Experience. Rich in flavour, enjoy excellent vegan dishes matched with fine wines; this is Italy at its best. So it’s a celebration of sustainability and gastronomy, as well as the changing nature of vegan cuisine.

Paddington Bear Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, operated by WonderDays, transports you into the world of Paddington Bear. As you take a leisurely afternoon tea, this time with bear-inspired inspiration, munching on great delicacies, meander through the famous streets of London. It’s not just a city bus tour; it’s nostalgia with a twist, a sensational new way to see the sights mixed with a tea time memory.

Bustronome London Dining Experience

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If you’re looking for a dining experience beyond the ordinary, then check out WonderDays and their Bustronome London Dining Experience. Board a luxury bus turned gourmet restaurant on the go. Enjoy a gustatory journey that we have curated to reflect this dynamic metropolis as London’s landmarks reveal themselves. This is dining with a view; tastes are moving in harmony.

Italian Food & Wine Tasting Experience

Take a trip to the core of Italy with WonderDays’ Italian Food & Wine Tasting Experience. Explore and discover the culinary traditions of this gem in the Mediterranean, as you enjoy authentic dishes accompanied by fine wines. 

Vegan Wine Tasting in Sicily

Fly away to the sunny setting of Sicily without leaving your metropolis. At WonderDays, we have a trip to Sicily for a vegan wine tasting experience. In every glass, the essence of the Mediterranean is captured. This is a virtual odyssey through Sicily’s vineyards, an indulgent feast for the vegan palate and fine wines.

5 Course Set Menu experience by celebrity Chef Andrew Sheridan

Savor the genius of culinary art with the 5 course set menu dining experience by celebrity chef Andrew Sheridan, brought to you by WonderDays. Every dish is a work of art, with flavours carefully orchestrated by an award-winning chef. It is a dining experience that exceeds expectations, an encounter with gastronomic genius.

The Shard & Dining experience at Marco Pierre White

You could couple magnificent scenery with fabulous food by checking out the View from the Shard & Three Course Dining Experience at Marco Pierre White‘s, courtesy of WonderDays. Before feasting on a three course meal with an expertly mixed cocktail, enjoy the skyline from unexpected heights. It’s a treat for the senses, with fine food and fabulous views.

Immersive dining experience in Liverpool

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WonderDays invites you to an immersion dining experience in Liverpool with renowned chef Andrew Sheridan. For a unique blend of culinary artistry and theatrical flair, please step inside. It’s not just lunch; it’s a show, a digest of taste and entertainment that stays with you.

Immersive Sherlock Cocktail Mystery Experience

WonderDays’ Immersive Sherlock Cocktail Mystery Experience is your opportunity to play the inner detective. Sip expertly crafted cocktails in the world of Sherlock Holmes as you solve puzzling mysteries. An adventure for the senses-a combination of storytelling and mixology.

Gordon Ramsay Dining For 2

The ultimate culinary treat is the Gordon Ramsay Dining Experience for 2, which WonderDays offers. Discover the world of Michelin-starred excellence as you relish delicious foods by Chef himself. It’s a journey into the peak of fine dining. This is the ultimate gastronomic experience, custom-tailored to perfection.

Marco Pierre White’s London Celebrating Dining

Three Course Champagne Celebration Dining Toast to special occasions at WonderDays’ London, with the support of Marco Pierre White. Immerse yourself in a gourmet experience at the confluence of cooking art and champagne. It’s a celebration of life at its milestones, an ode to the pleasure that comes from great dining.

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