40 + Delightful Coffee Station Ideas in 2022

            Coffee Station Ideas -Coffee is a joy and need for some people. Most of us feel like we can’t live far away from it. From the first opening eyes in the morning, you think you need coffee first. Again, coffee is also the main item of your happiness, energy, or oven socialization. Since you believe coffee is essential, you must have it wherever, even at home. Indeed, taking some investment for a coffee station at home is a great idea.

            Before starting to make coffee stations, you must have a list of what items must be included. Next, coffee machines, mugs, and spoons, cream pitchers are must-have items for coffee stations. Then, for storing, you need a rack or storage for the thing. By having a rack and storage, it can create a nice station at home. Wherever, even if it will be, in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, a coffee station can be the cozy area for a coffee addict.

Coffee Station Ideas For The Home

Are you a coffee lover? You may need coffee every time, but sometimes, you may not have enough time to go out. With the coffee station in the house, you can create your coffee. It doesn’t need a large space because you can use every home corner. Let’s start here to look up your ideas for owning a coffee station.

            First, you need a spot for all the items. You can use some corners for the coffee station and use the tray for putting the things. Then, set a shelf over it to make it pleasant. After all, to make it more beautiful, you can give some touch of framed quotes over the station. Relatively easy. For more ideas, let’s see below.

1.   Modern kitchen with built-in Coffee Station

office coffee station ideas
Photo by houzz.com

This set is a simple coffee station you can have in the kitchen. Just use one of the cabinets for the station. You can put all the items on it. Thus, it will be more safe and memorable when you have a built-in coffee station.

2.   Open Shelving Coffee Station

home coffee station ideas
Photo by Jewett Farms + Co.

            You can use this idea if you want to make a unique space for a coffee bar. In certain corners of the home, you can set a mini low cabinet with a countertop. Then, over it put some wooden shelves for the coffee items.

3.   Corner Kitchen Coffee Station

kitchen coffee station ideas
Photo by KitchenLab Interiors

For making coffee every morning, you need to put the coffee makers on the kitchen corner. Then, on the wall, set some shelves for hanging the cups, spoon, sugar, etc. So, it will be nice to have coffee every morning.

4.   Classic Coffee Bar Cabinets

ideas for coffee station in kitchen
Photo by RW Anderson Homes

            Having your coffee bar is the dream of every coffee addict. Just set one of the areas of the wall cabinet for the bar. Further, put the makers, cups, sugar, tray, and many more on it. In the full display mode, your classic kitchen will be great.

5.   Mid-sized Single Wall Coffee Station

coffee bar station ideas
Photo by
Ferrarini & Co. Kitchens & Interiors

             For this home coffee station, you might only need a coffee maker. So, you can set the coffee maker everywhere at home. Therefore, placing it over the countertops near the sink will be good. For other items, you can put them on the cabinets. It might be the best coffee station idea for a kitchen counter.

6. Simple Coffee Station for Office

coffee station ideas pinterest
Photo by
Reico Kitchen & Bath

            In the office pantry, it might be a small space. But, you can still manage one area to be a coffee station. As a result, you can use one of the cabinets to put coffee maker, sugar, and other stuff. It will be nice to have a cup of coffee in the office.

7. Small Hidden Coffee Station

small coffee station ideas
Photo by Orion Design, Inc.

Even it looks narrow but can serve a complete item of the coffee needs. You can put the coffee makers and grinder on the lower space. Then, the cup and other stuff on the top shelf. Therefore, it is quite nice for the kitchen style.

8. White Wooden Coffee Bar

top of kitchen counter storage ideas for coffee station
Photo by
Lisa Robazza Design

            For the trendy open kitchen, you can have everything on it, including a coffee bar. With a lovely painting and lighting, it can live in your kitchen. Further, setting it near the island is an excellent idea for enjoying the coffee.

9. Single wall Home Bar Coffee

diy coffee, tea and wine station and storage ideas
Photo by
Palazzo Kitchens & Appliances

            This bar is the dream of every coffee addict. It is because the bar has already installed all the equipment. Indeed, a coffee maker and grinder will always be there. Then, a hot water pump is an excellent move and set up. Your guest will like it the most.

10. Modern White Kitchen with Coffee Bar

coffee station ideas using a console table

              In the wide-area kitchen, a nice setup must be necessary. So, you can set your coffee station in the middle of the living room and island. Also, it means you can nearly go to the island of the living room to enjoy your coffee..

11. Friendly Coffee Station before Work

coffee office station ideas
Photo by
Edmondson Interiors

            To start your day, you need a fresh look and feel. With a nice green color and coffee bar, you will get a recharge in the morning. Moreover, easy access to the coffee item can help you to make coffee in minutes.

12. Kitchen Pantry with Coffee Station

pizzeria coffee station ideas
Photo by Hughes Developments

            In some houses, it might have a pantry in the kitchen. You can store everything there, including a coffee maker and stuff. So, This idea could be the hidden gem in your house. Even more, in the traditional style pantry, the total items pantry is nice.

13. Bright Cabinet for Coffee Station

coffee station ideas, red cabinet, brown top, kitchen
Photo by Jane Lockhart Design

            White is always a nice touch in every room. In the kitchen or living room, a white cabinet can help you to stand out. Yet, you also store the coffee maker in the cabinet. Even more, you can make a simple coffee station near the storage.

14. Mini Cabinet Table for Station

ideas for a coffee station in kitchen
Photo by
Stony Lake Furniture Co.

If you don’t have oversized countertops for the coffee station, don’t worry, you can use this table. Generally, it is more likely a cabinet with a flat area over it. You can set the coffee stuff on it. Then, you add some accessories on the wall to make it pretty.

15. Pull Out Coffee Shelf Corner Cupboard

coffee station office interior design ideas
Photo by

            On the one side of the cupboard, having a compact feature is excellent. With the pull-out design, it can make your worktops safer. Next,  you can prevent the mess from the coffee with this idea. Then, you can easily open and close the door with an excellent design.

16. Creative Cubicle Coffee Station

make your own coffee station organizer ideas
Photo by
Denver Design Group

            In every space and size, you can create your coffee station uniquely. Just like this, it just needs simple cabinetry that can be used as a table. Indeed, on the wall, you can use a coat rack for hanging your mug.

17. Classic Station with Granite Countertops

ideas for a modern kitchen coffee station
Photo by
Carrie Johnson

            The style of the kitchen supports the nice for simple coffee and tea bar ideas. With the double door, it is nice even though the cabinet is narrow. Then, set the coffee maker, sugar, and other items on it. Furthermore, you can place the cups in the smaller box are over it.

18. Rustic Style Coffee Station

waiting area coffee station ideas
Photo by
Chelsea Evans Design

            In the rush morning, you could need this setup. Put all the breakfast and drink items such as microwave, coffee maker, cups in the door cabinet. Also, the ideas surely ease you in reaching out to all the things.

19. Coffee Station with Floating Shelves

coffee serving station ideas
Photo by
All Wood Kitchens & Closets

            You can use the set as coffee station ideas for the office. A small tall space is enough to pull complete coffee items. Then, with floating shelves, help you to organize it. However, to make it great, you can use blackboard backing as the wall station.

20. Coffee Buffet with Wooden Countertop

unique ideas for a home coffee station
Photo by
Emery Design & Woodwork

            In the open space, you can use the buffer as your coffee workstation. Set the maker, creamer, or another kind of coffee on the coffee station table. Then, with floating box shelves, you can make additional space storing. Further, it will make your home more excellent.

DIY Coffee Station Ideas

It is always pleasant while you can fill the need for coffee at home. In a situation like this, you might use everything at home to be fun. Even if you seem to have less area yet, you still can set some corners to be a coffee station. In that case, with some DIY stuff, creating a coffee shop-like is not impossible.

            There are many items or ways you can use to make a DIY coffee station. For example, you can use kitchen countertops, cabinets, and rolling carts as space. Then, with other useful stuff like pipe or used-wooden is enough to create a great coffee station.

1.   Living Room Blackboard Wall

diy small kitchen coffee station ideas
Photo by homelovr.com

If you have a used blackboard, you have to try this idea. You can set up a station with a white buffet. Then, on the wall, use the blackboard as the background. Another, you can write quotes or everything on the board.

2. Wooden Shelves for Cups

coffee station ideas for restaurant
Photo by pinterest.com

Used planks also can be used as your great item in making coffee stations. Take the wooden plank, then repaint it. You can paint it in a darker color. Even though it looks classic, it is still perfect for modern coffee station ideas.

3. Autumn Style DIY Coffee Station

Photo by craftsonfire.com

            If you want to make the coffee space warmer, you can try this idea. With an open door floating shelf, you can put the cups. Last but not least, add some hanging drawing or glass hang on the sidewall.

4. Wooden Wall Corner Coffee Station

Photo by pinterest.com

            First, this style is an excellent site for kitchen coffee bar ideas. You can use the used planks to cover the wall in the coffee corner. Then, you add some shelves, hanging cups, and some ornaments on the wall. Furthermore, for the table, use a mini bar cabinet.

5. Lobby DIY Coffee Station

Photo by homebnc.com

Whenever you look at this space, you must always feel it coming. The coffee station is great with a big blackboard on the wall and a lovely table. Further, you can even add some plans as decoration things on the corner.

6. Mini Bedroom DIY Coffee Space

Photo by Pinterest.com

            A nice set wherever you place this coffee station. The small size makes it fit into every room. Therefore, you can make some creative touch on it, such as putting floating shelves, flowers, or the aromatic candle there.

7. DIY Living Room Coffee Station

Photo by hadleycourt.com

It is nice when you set this in the living room. The small size will not make the room look narrow. First, you can add some hanging quotes or a cup hanger. Then, set all the coffee items on the table, so you don’t need to come to the kitchen to make it.

8. Open Table DIY Coffee Station

Photo by homeisd.com

You might need simple material for this coffee station. You can use a simple table that you can make by yourself. Next, add some rattan baskets for a classic touch. You can even set this as coffee station ideas for the bedroom.

9. DIY Coffee Station from Pipe

Photo by homelovr.com

            A nice touch when you can combine the black pipe and wooden planks. Choose the thick wood for the countertop. You can make the station into three levels. Next, arrange the coffee item on the top of the counter. Then, the rest can be a place for microwaves, coffee beans, and more.

10. Keurig DIY Coffee Station

Photo by decorating-ideas-for-the-home.com

             It simply has many functions that can be the best for this coffee station. You can make and serve the coffee there. Clearly, some pictures on the wall and excellent rustic lighting are the best settings.

11. DIY Coffee Station for Event

Photo by styletic.com

            For a gathering family, this simple coffee station is enough. It will not take much space so that I can add other essential items to the room. Then, you can also set the trash bin under the table for easy trashing. Even though it is separated, it suits the coffee bar ideas for the kitchen counter.

12. Black and Dark Coffee Station

Photo by hinvolvery.com

            If you want a dark feeling for the station, you must like this idea. You can paint the wall dark red and the station black. But, don’t make it too dark; you can add white touch color with cups or coffee items.

13. DIY Upper Coffee Station

photo by cbf-fund.org

            Not only the table or countertop station needs to be taken care of, but you can also take a look at the upper part. In the small station, you can set a bracket shelf for storing coffee and other items. Also, hang the cups below the frame.

14. Banquet with DIY Coffee Station

Photo by theinspiredroom.net

            The simple and minimalist touch of a station can add to your spirit for the day. Contrast color use here to make it stand out. Not only coffee, but you also put some books on the station. Thus, A great movement with some banquet on there.

15. LOVE theme DIY Coffee Station

               Not only dark, but you can also make your station with a soft pink and cute tone. Choose the soft pink color and other decorations on it. So, with this concept, you can express how you love coffee.

Church Coffee Station Ideas

It doesn’t mean you must create a coffee station in the church for that label. But, you can make it by having some quote or ornament that is close to the church. You can make it by yourself, or buy it in the store. Let’s see the ideas below.

1.   Getting Ready with Quote

Photo by homebnc.com

The message on the board fits to start your lovely day. The color of the shelf and counter blend perfectly. Even though it is a small station, it still has space for preparing the coffee between the two makers.

2.   Fill it with Quotes Everywhere

Photo by decorating-ideas-for-the-home.com

This set is full of quotes and motivations. You can have moral support from the quote and a nice start with coffee. Yet, you need to perfectly set it up because sometimes it will ruin your station.

3. White Coffee bar

Photo by involvery.com

With white, the color can express the clean of your future. Use the white coffee items as well. Then, the coffee maker’s color and shelf match perfectly.


            A great coffee station is all the coffee items placed in one area. So, take a look at the coffee maker, mug, and sugar that have the best spot on the station. In a small space, storage is important. But, you can expand the kitchen or living room for a bigger coffee station. That move will make you like in the coffee shop.

            However, you can set the coffee station to have bright, dark, or classic colors for personal preference. Further, you can add decorative things over the station, such as a message or family picture. So, what are you waiting for now? Just take the step and create your joyful space.

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