Bathroom Vessel Sinks – Why You Need One

Having a sink in your home is very common, especially in the bathroom. However, knowing the perfect type to use in the bathroom can be challenging. As a result, some folks tend not to put any in the bathroom at all. Furthermore, the connections underneath tend to occupy some useful space.

However, a vessel sink isn’t like your regular type due to its placement, position, and connection. Let us shed more light on why installing one of these beauties is preferable to others.

Reasons a Vessel Sink is Preferable

Due to its ultimate design, this bathroom fitting stands out in any bathroom. This, in turn, catches the attention of those who come in contact with it. It leaves a lasting impression in their minds, and some may consider having it in their homes as well. A vessel wash basin is suitable for any kind of bathroom, regardless of its size.

The star of this article does not just have a stylish and classic look; it is also a space saver. Unlike a wall-mounted console, pedestal sink, and so on, which require difficult cutouts sometimes, a vessel sink is not like that. Visit to discover some amazing bathroom sink types. There are a lot of things that make the vessel sink stand out amongst others, but some of those unique features are:

  • When it is about to be installed, all that is needed is to make a small hole for the drainage pipe.
  • Another thing is that the plumbing work is not visible. It is neatly hidden.
  • It provides more storage in the cabinet and does not leave room for dirt.
  • When there is a need for replacement, the vanity remains in place without any form of damage.
  • They are easy to change.

Materials Used in Making Vessel Sinks

The materials used in making these fittings and those used in making other types of bathroom basins are quite different. These differences determine how they will be maintained so they can last longer before any form of replacement. When it comes to maintenance, the choice of sink matters a lot.

Most sinks generally come in ceramic, acrylic, tempered glass, etc. Vessel sinks, on the other hand, come in granite, marble, and quartz, which makes them durable and easy to clean. Click here to learn how to clean a granite-composite sink. They do not absorb stains and do not require vigorous scrubbing with brushes when washing. You just need to use a soft, damp cloth to gently clean it.

Best Type of Faucet Fittings for Your Vessel Sink

When looking for fittings for other wash-hand basin types, it is easy to get the normal faucets used in home restrooms, like the disc, cartridge, ball, and compression types. But when looking for faucets for your vessel basin, you need those that are specifically made for them.

When the wrong faucets are purchased, it can lead to leakage and movement of the basin from its position. It will also give it more room to accommodate the high rim that comes with the hand basin.  You can never use a standard bathroom faucet for a vessel wash basin. It simply isn’t done.

Tips for Choosing the Best Vessel Sink for Your Bathroom

Every home or office space, even before construction, has a designated space for the bathroom or bathrooms, as the case may be. You need to keep these tips in mind if you have decided to use a vessel sink in your bathroom before or even after its construction:

1. Make Plans to Get the Correct Faucet that Fits

When choosing the right faucet, you have to make sure that there is enough space between the wash-hand basin and the faucet. The vessel sink bowls above the bathroom vanity counter are the best type of sink for every bathroom. The reason for this is that there will be enough space when washing hands. This will prevent any form of contact or inconvenience.

2.  Considering the Height of the Sink Will Help You Calculate the Height of your Vanity Counter.

A standard vanity height is almost the same as a kitchen cabinet. Therefore, you have to keep that in mind. If such an important factor is ignored, it can affect the basin as well.

3. Ensure that the Sink Has an Overflow Before Picking Your Drainage

One thing you need to know is that most vessel washbasins do not overflow. If eventually, you are about to install a wash-hand basin that has an overflow, then there is nothing to worry about.

Getting the right drainage will allow an easy and quick flow of water. It will also stop the basin from filling up with water.

4. Ensure that the Vessel Sink’s Material is the Best Quality

Buying a vessel sink of high quality determines its location of use. You can visit to learn more about choosing a bathroom sink. When we speak of location, it could either be in a home or business environment. Either of them requires that you go for the best.

5. Select the Best Countertop that Befits the Sink

Before the vessel wash-hand basin is installed, it is important to choose the perfect countertop for it. The type of countertop you choose should have the following qualities:

  • It must be solid. It must be strong enough not to break easily.
  • It must be durable. In other words, it must be able to withstand wear and pressure.
  • It should be resistant to water; water should not be able to damage it.

If the countertop does not possess any of these, there will be a need for replacement soon. So why replace when you can do the right thing at the initial stage?


Installing a vessel bowl above the vanity counter is one of thebest sink and countertop combinations your bathroom can have. This combination, when correctly installed, becomes your bathroom’s center of attraction, giving the restroom a classy, modern, and outstanding look.

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