5 Tips To Fix Carpet Dents and how to prevent it

Maybe you have decided to create a new living room or bedroom layout. However, before you can enjoy the new space, your furniture has left behind a few small reminders of where it used to be. This could be the case when you moved in or when the sellers’ furniture left you with little reminders that you’re not the first person to live in the area. So here are some tips to fix carpet dents.

Regardless of the reason, you want to get rid of these little reminders. Having the help of a professional carpet cleaner can help remove carpet dents. Various home remedies can also help you remove carpet indentations. In this article, we will talk about some of these.

Tips For Fixing Carpet Dents

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Use a Vacuum

One of the best ways to remove carpet indentations is using a vacuum cleaner. This method can help remove the marks and restore the area’s appearance. To get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, try loosening the carpet fibers. Then, attach a hose to it and use strong suction to both the carpet and its area.

Use a Hairdryer

This method requires a hairdryer and a bottle full of water. To get the most out of this method, use the hairdryer to thoroughly clean the carpet indentation at the hottest possible setting. To avoid burning the carpet, hold the hairdryer at a 4 to 6 inches away from it.

Use Ice Cubes

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This method is very budget-friendly and can be used on almost any surface. Simply place an ice cube on the area that you want to revive. This method can be done using a sponge, a nickel, and an ice cube. The ice cubes will melt and absorb the water from the area, which will help the carpet rise. Then, remove the excess water using a sponge and dry thoroughly.

Use a Steam Iron

Using a damp cloth, soak the area that you want to revive. Then, set the steam iron at a medium heat setting and let it run for around a minute. Although some people have reported success with this method, it’s important to be careful and avoid putting the steam iron on the carpet for too long. Doing so could cause damage to the fibers.

Get Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Another tip is to hire a company like Jon-Don for¬†professional carpet cleaning¬†services. According to Jon-Don Janitorial and Building Services, “Having your carpets professionally cleaned can help remove stubborn carpet dents. These are often caused by heavy furniture.” Aside from removing the marks, the team at Jon-Don will also make sure that the carpet is in great shape and looks new.

How to Prevent Dents in Your Carpet

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Although carpet dents are a common issue in most homes, there are ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Use Furniture Coasters

These flat disks can be placed under the legs of your furniture to create a larger surface area. They can distribute the weight of the pieces on the floor and prevent dents.

Use Carpet Squares

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Put pieces of unused carpet under heavy furniture. These can protect the surface of the new floor from getting scratched. Since these pieces will look exactly like the new carpet, they won’t cause any issues. If you have no leftover carpet available, you can always buy the closest color carpet from your local store.

Move Your Furniture Regularly

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You should move your furniture regularly. It can be moved a few inches or across the room. Doing this will allow the carpet to perk back up before it gets too settled.

Vacuum Often

Regular vacuuming is important to maintain the look of your carpet. Moving furniture and vacuuming often can also help keep carpet dents from forming. Use the vacuum’s hose with a suction attachment to get into stubborn indentations.

Install High-Density Carpeting

High-density carpet is ideal for heavy furniture areas, such as living rooms and bedrooms. It can handle the weight of these pieces and last longer.

Unfortunately, not all carpet indentations can be removed. For instance, if the carpet is old and used for a long time, some of these marks may remain. For best results, contact a carpet cleaning service like Jon-Don for help.

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