10 Exterior Remodeling Tips to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Pittsburgh, the “Steel City,” is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and burgeoning tech scene. These features have made the city an increasingly desirable place to live, pushing the residential real estate market into a competitive frenzy. In such a setting, homeowners are often contemplating ways to elevate the resale value of their properties. One effective method to achieve this value boost is through targeted exterior remodeling. By enhancing the property’s curb appeal, a homeowner not only makes the property more attractive to potential buyers but also sets the stage for commanding a higher sale price.

In this article, we’ll be going over ten tips for how to tackle exterior remodeling projects. Let’s begin!

1. Upgrade Your Front Door

When it comes to first impressions, never underestimate the impact of a front door. It’s the entryway to the home and, by extension, a sneak peek into the life that a new homeowner might expect. Replacing an old, worn-out door with a modern, high-quality alternative serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it instantly upgrades the home’s appearance. Secondly, new doors often come with improved security features, such as advanced locking mechanisms, giving potential buyers an added incentive. Materials range from solid wood and steel-core to fiberglass, each with its distinct advantages. For instance, steel-core doors provide maximum security, whereas fiberglass offers both durability and aesthetic appeal.

2. Replace Your Windows

How Window replacement can improve your home
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Outdated windows often result in heat loss during the cold Pittsburgh winters and make air conditioning less effective in the summers. Replacing them with energy-efficient models is, therefore, a key remodeling project, contributing positively to your home’s resale value. If you reside in Pittsburgh replacement windows can be installed by professionals, such as Legacy Remodeling, who can guide you through the myriad options available, from vinyl to energy-efficient glass.

3. Refresh the Paint

If the exterior paint is peeling or looks outdated, it gives off an impression of neglect. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform a home’s appearance. However, it’s not as simple as choosing a color you like. The paint should complement the architectural style of the home, and the color should fit in with the neighborhood’s general aesthetic. High-quality paint that can withstand the elements will prove more durable, making the investment worthwhile. Remember, neutral colors generally have a broader appeal to potential buyers.

4. Update Your Landscaping

A well-landscaped yard is essentially the frame that displays the picture that is your home. Pittsburgh’s diverse climate offers the opportunity to use a variety of plant species that flourish in different seasons. From deciduous trees that provide shade in summer and beautiful foliage in fall to perennial shrubs that add color throughout the year, the landscaping options are numerous. The goal should be to create a yard that looks good in all seasons, thereby making your home attractive to buyers year-round.

5. Add Exterior Lighting

Add some external light to improve your home
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The importance of good lighting cannot be overstated. Exterior lighting serves a dual purpose: it highlights the home’s features and serves as a security measure. Options range from solar-powered pathway lights to sensor-activated floodlights. Whatever the choice, make sure it complements the overall exterior design and enhances the features you want to showcase.

6. Install a New Garage Door

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The garage often takes up a considerable portion of a home’s façade. Therefore, its appearance can significantly influence a potential buyer’s perception. A battered or outdated garage door can be an eyesore. Replacing it with a new one that complements the home’s architectural style can drastically improve its visual appeal. Modern garage doors come with various features, such as built-in security measures and energy-efficient insulation. These additions not only elevate the home’s aesthetic but also add functional benefits that buyers are sure to appreciate.

7. Upgrade Outdoor Spaces

The trend of outdoor living spaces has been gaining traction, particularly in areas like Pittsburgh, where summers are warm but not overly hot. Consider adding or upgrading a patio or deck or even just installing a simple pergola. Quality outdoor furnishings, coupled with weather-resistant materials, can turn your yard into an inviting entertainment space. This type of project, although it may require a considerable initial investment, can significantly increase the home’s resale value by extending its livable space.

8. Add or Update Fencing

A well-constructed fence offers several advantages, including security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Different materials have varying levels of maintenance and durability. For instance, vinyl fencing requires minimal upkeep, while wood may need regular staining or painting. Choose a style that harmonizes with the home’s overall design. Well-placed gates can add an additional layer of sophistication and functionality. Buyers often appreciate a fenced-in yard for the advantages it provides, making this upgrade well worth the initial cost of investment.

9. Repair or Replace the Roof

The condition of the roof is often one of the first things buyers investigate. A leaky or worn-out roof can be a significant deterrent. On the other hand, a newly installed or well-maintained roof can serve as a strong selling point. If your roof is nearing the end of its useful life, consider replacing it with a more durable, energy-efficient option. Asphalt shingles are commonly used, but metal and tile roofs have been gaining popularity due to their longevity and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

10. Driveway and Walkway Renovation

Never underestimate the influence of a well-maintained driveway and walkway. Cracks or uneven surfaces not only detract from the home’s visual appeal but can also pose safety risks. Several materials are available for these outdoor paths. Concrete is cost-effective and durable but may not offer much in the way of aesthetic appeal. Pavers or cobblestones, while more expensive, can add a touch of elegance to the home’s exterior. By attending to these areas, you contribute to a cohesive, polished look that extends from the curb to the front door.


Undertaking an exterior remodeling project can seem daunting, but the rewards are manifold, particularly in a city like Pittsburgh, where the real estate market is robust. Investing in your home’s exterior not only enhances its curb appeal but also contributes to a higher resale value. The key to successful remodeling lies in strategic planning, understanding the trends, and prioritizing projects that offer the greatest return on investment. By taking a holistic approach to the home’s exterior, from the front door to the fence, you’re setting the stage for a property that’s not only visually pleasing but also market-ready.

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