What Are The Christmas Decoration Trends for 2022

Christmas Decoration Trends for 2022 Nothing is more magical than seeing your house decorated for the holidays; for many of us, this year, it means more than ever. Christmas has always been a time to showcase your individual flair while having fun with color, and this year is no different. 

You’ll undoubtedly note that this year’s decorations are more focused on using natural materials, which promote the appreciation of nature’s beauty. Read on some of the popular Christmas decoration trends for 2022.

Natural Tones

The eco-first holiday vision became increasingly popular last year and will undoubtedly be a significant trend for Christmas in 2022. Light greens bring color to a primarily white palette. Gold, terracotta, and woody brown accents give designs warmth. 

The resultant natural, fresh appearance is a stunning contrast to the season. Or, for a more natural atmosphere, reduce the use of brighter tones and go instead for a mix of green hues against earthier brown tones. 

Finish with matte black and gold accents for a contemporary spin on cozy rustic. Four typical natural textures of stone, linen, wood, and cork will provide depth and intrigue. Everything from dinnerware to Christmas ornaments and your Christmas wreath should have delicate designs drawn from the natural world.

Festival Brights

Always make Christmas uniquely your own and embrace who you are. Vibrant colors and unconventional Christmas decorations are significant Christmas themes for 2022. 

This year, the lanterns, honeycomb balls, and festoon lights we are usually accustomed to seeing at summer celebrations will play a significant role in Christmas decorations. The use of seasonal decor year-round reduces spending. 

This gorgeously vibrant trend is also fueled by the urge to establish new customs, rejoice in full after all the recent misery and gloom, and value uniqueness. Expect to witness a more festival-like scene than celebratory as vibrant pinks, oranges, blues, and purples clash with one another.

christmas tree color trends 2022


Alternative Trees

Wall trees that are pet-friendly and save space have become more common. In fact, during the past five years, searches on Google for “wall mounted Christmas trees” have surged. However, more original solutions are emerging as people become more conscious of the harm that artificial Christmas trees do to the environment.

Anything and anything flora-related has the potential to replace or enhance the Christmas tree décor in your home this year, from foraged bare branches decked with baubles to year-round house plants draped in tiny fairy lights.

Colored Glass

Colorful, chunky, and patterned glass is popular. This will translate into Christmas decorations. Glassware now serves many purposes. Christmas dinner tables and gifts beneath the tree will have engraved motifs, patterned glass, and curved bubble forms.

Paper Decorations

There is no question that paper décor will be one of the significant Christmas Trends in 2022, whether it’s paper stars or the revival of paperchains and paper garlands. Since we were kids, it has undergone a significant makeover alongside many other decoration ideas.

Paper decorations are suitable for every occasion, eco-friendly, entertaining, and simple to produce. It has been a major trend all year and is the ideal decoration for your house during the holiday season and beyond.

Sustainable Wrapping

Attractive gift wrapping techniques have become more widespread in recent years. The drive to minimize our environmental impact has led people to seek methods to lower their carbon footprints. Therefore, minimizing trash at Christmas will be crucial this holiday season.

As a result, more reusable or recyclable wrapping materials are available on the market to go along with the expanding selection of lovely fabrics for creating tastefully wrapped gifts. Many beautiful paper tapes, twines, and natural decorations are available, along with various other original methods to display gifts under trees.

Vintage Decorations

You may expect to see antique Christmas decorations readily accessible this year because the retro décor theme is still very much in vogue. The bottle brush Christmas tree is the epitome of vintage holiday decor.

These little tree ornaments are available in every size and color – some without the little ornaments, some with. There is sure to be a bottle brush tree ideal for your holiday display, whether mounted on wood planks, the tops of cans, or ready to be pushed into place on your Christmas cake.

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We’re not entirely clear why the owl has become associated with Christmas, but these nocturnal birds appear destined to become a significant Christmas Trend by 2022. In recent years, forest animals have been prominently shown on holiday décor due to our rekindled love of the great outdoors. 

These gorgeous creatures with brilliant eyes appear to be at the top of the list for 2022. All different-sized and shaped owl ornaments should be expected. Owls will be vying for first place on cards, presents, and other items alongside their more conventional red-breasted feathered holiday companion.

Year-Round Decor

More people than ever before are taking advantage of our holiday displays. They are erecting our holiday decorations early and using them far into January. More of us are now discovering ways to use our decorations all year.

While paper decorations are ideal for commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between, trees and wreaths are redecorated for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

We are becoming more inventive in how and when we utilize décor due to our desire to make our décor purchases work for us, whether from an environmental or financial standpoint.

Lots of Lighting

Christmas light sales have increased as people scramble to lift their spirits and the spirits of their communities. The revival of this trend for Christmas 2022 is assured by the steady increase in cutting-edge design and the low operating costs of LED lighting.

We anticipate seeing floating candles and enormous fairy-lit spheres on the streets this holiday season. They’re ideal for illuminating dark December nights and may also be used for other celebrations and holidays later in the year.

Making the Most of What you Have

It’s always so much fun to watch which design philosophies, hues, and arrangements are reflected in the newest Christmas fashions. Homes and guest rooms are about to be filled to the brim with the holiday spirit, from greenery to colored glass, bud vases to tealights, bowls of ornaments to overflowing tiered trays. 

Additionally, guests will be lavishly catered to, surrounded by a profusion of tables, sideboards, and hanging decorations. This is about making the most of what you already have, not spending more.

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