Gothic Bedroom Ideas(40+ Shabby Design & How To Decorate)

7. Black Gothic and Chandeliers

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A focal point here is the chandeliers that hang perfectly in the black gothic style. Then, the simple touch such as bed ornament and small table add the luxury in style. You can also notice that the wall styled with black flowers.

8. Modern Black Gothic Style

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Even dominating with black, the simple touch of table and lighting play an important role in making warmth room. You can feel that this black gothic bedroom is on the deep rich tone with a modern style bed set. The wall combined well with sunlight that coming through the windows.

9. Dark Wood Gothic Bedroom

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Another great color here is the purple. It is an excellent choice for homeowners that mix with the dark wood bed. Then, all the set here creates a luxury look

10. Creepy Luxury Gothic Bedroom

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It might be a frightening bedroom with the animal skull hang as the decoration. Even it is scary; the style is always attractive because of the furniture used. The sofa and bedroom are in the Victorian style for bringing you back.

11. Dramatic Gothic Bedroom

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This bedroom will bring you into some movies with a past time setting. The lace curtain just broadens the room. Then, having a simple step up like this will add to the beauty of the room. The combination of the lighting and color used is the key to gothic alive here.

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12. Gothic Bedroom in Cathedral Touch

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You can notice something unique with the windows; it is a cathedral window. The windows bring a charm that combined with ceiling and floor. Something fashioned here is the bed and chandelier that hanging over.

13. Shabby Chic Gothic Bedroom

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An impressed shabby chic creates an elegant touch here. The gray blanket gives another tone with the texture. Then, the wall with plant design just remains about the warmth of nature.

14. Luxury Beverly Hills Gothic Bedroom

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The atmosphere of this bedroom is bold. With the black lace surround the bed, it is as intimated and warm as gothic does. On the way to the bed, you will find backlights through your steps and make them impressed.

15. Man’s Gothic Bedroom

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The perfect combination of black and white in this room suit every men’s style. To create a more dramatic touch, add some furniture that lightens up the atmosphere. Then, don’t forget to live with some fabulous light fixtures.

16. Gentlemen Gothic Bedroom

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You will find this like suit tuxedo that wore by the gentleman. Black and white combined with some motif on the lace. But, this kind of gothic will not be only for men; the ladies can suit as well.

17. St. John Gothic Bedroom

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The bedroom fulfills with the light, but still, the gothic doesn’t leave behind. Back on the bed, there is a light fixture on the wall that gives a lovely accent to the room. Then, the chandeliers on the ceiling put another great touch of gothic.

18. Sexy Gothic Bedroom

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It is elegant in the gothic bedroom. The decoration put it into a high level, just like artworks on the wall. Then, the light used is a bit much, but it suits well into the gothic style.

19. Gothic Kingdom Bedroom

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This bedroom is like in the castle and for the prince. Even it is only red and black, the bedroom gives an intimate atmosphere of luxury. Then, the big chandeliers over the bed provide a great touch of class.

20. Modern Purple Gothic Bedroom

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With the purple in the room, you can feel the romance here. Next, the furniture with the old style gives your memory back. On the ceiling, the chandeliers hang perfectly to create the shades for the room.

21. Mix style Gothic Bedroom

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There is some touch of the atmosphere in the bedroom here. The bedroom is in the gothic style but has vintage and modern at the same time. This purple gothic bedroom idea gives the modern elegance tone, and the furniture creates a vintage life.

22. City Life Gothic Style

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If you live in the apartment, you can try this for the gothic style. The bed sets are elegant and modern. Then, the long curtains create the shade of the gothic. Further, don’t forget to set some artworks around the bed to sweeten your room.

23. Impressed Old Gothic Bedroom

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If you watch the old movie set or live in this castle, this bedroom can be one of the sets. Even it is not in black, but the color combination is a bit scary and intimated. On the back of the bed, there is like carved-stone for an exciting experience.

24. Vintage Gothic Bedroom

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The bedroom brings the child’s memory back. The furniture and the color used is matching each other. Then, the light used also supports to create gothic here.

25. Purple Gothic Bedroom

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I would like to see a vampire lay down right there. You can create this kingdom style into your house. The color and the furniture used show some excellent work form the homeowner. Then, the light fixtures do good work with the ornaments in the room.

26. Carnival Gothic bedroom

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The set on the wall is like in the carnival tent. Then, the wood flooring is great to work with the wooden black with as well. The touch of purple and black live up the gothic theme.

27. All Black Gothic Bedroom

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You will not find any better all-black theme than this gothic style. The furniture, bed sets, curtains, and chandeliers are in black and elegance. Then, with the simple touch in the pillows, the class is also in the room.

28. Goldy Gothic Bedroom

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Something classy & royal always works with gold. The big set of bed suits in picturing the gold. Then, the curtain with big windows is a sign that this can work in the big house.

29. Sleep in Red

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Even the bed is small, but with the red and gold color in the room, just give the broad effect. With the simple lighting on the wall, it supports the red to shine. Then, the bed ornament with wooden touch will make your sleep well.

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30. White Gothic Bedroom & The Wooden

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You can see that the bedroom is bright, with enough lighting and clean. But, the gothic here is the wooden bed and furniture which makes an old accent. Then, which bedcover and pillow just make you comfortable to sleep there.

31. Bat and Friends

With the right combination between gothic and cuteness, this bedroom attracts attention. A nice blanket with the cute bat pillow makes you want to sleep there for a long day. If you pay attention carefully, a man is haunting on the window.


Alright, it is all the exciting gothic design. It can inspire you to change your bedroom theme into the gothic style. Don’t forget that all the ideas above are cleanly as the gothic character.
 Further, the gothic is not always in black; you can find other colors as well. The different color creates another tone and atmosphere that allows you to sleep well in the bedroom. However, this inspiration is so beautiful and will change the mood right away.

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