20 Best Photos Basement Remodel Before and After Ideas 2021

8. Basement Remodel Bedroom Before and After

Photo By Brian & Kelli

Remodeling a bedroom is self-rebirth since most people spend many times there. It boosts your spirit and chargers your energy. It is a space where you start to reach your dreams. Therefore, a dark room is not recommended. The bright sunshine in the morning will not enter your room intensely while waking up. A single lamp is not enough to get a warm feeling. The plain tile feels so monotonous.

The best thing to do is giving more light inside. For this step, you can build two windows instead of a single one. Moreover, with the light blue curtains, you will get enough lighting. Furthermore, besides radiates light, some additional lamps above the bedroom functions as accessories. Put a soft pattern carpet to keep the room clean and warm. As the last step, you may bring in a cabinet, sofa, and bench.

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9. Family Room Basement Remodel Before and After

Photo By Carole

A family room is crucial due to its role in gaining spirit and engaging to each member. In the first look, it seems gloomy. Moreover, a large room can contain many amenities inside. Therefore, a minimalist one is not proper. The lousy angle makes the room messy, for example, the position of the unconditioned nook. The wooden chair does not cover the room as the compact design; it still leaves many bare spaces.

What to do with the issue is filling the room. Therefore, it has a centerpiece than a compilation of amenities. In the next model, you can see that there are orderly items positioned at the right angle. The centerpiece can be the arrangement of lamps and the high ceiling as well. The next element as the attractive point is the single stool with the wooden countertop. The essential features to put inside are the sofas. It not only cuts the space but also provides the family members with warm spots to gather.

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10. Theater Room Basement Remodel Before and After

Photo Sujith & Vinita

Suppose you get bored with your single theater room, you do not have to change all the design to make it new. Just makeover some elements. The first case shows that the basement wall options are plain without any decorations. There are only some lamps with little radiation. The tile is just ordinary and does not have any artistic sense.

To do makeover a theater room basement is not an easy thing since it has a single big monitor as the main item. Also, the sittings to add also determine how this room can capture the perfect position. You can add some sofas the solution. Choose the pattern tile so that it feels lighten up. To add gorgeous nuance adds more lamps. Paint the pillars with matte colors like maroon, which is contrasting with the beige wall but still creates a harmonious design.

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11. Basement Stair

Photo By Sujith & Vinita

A stair is not just the primary element to get you up and down the room quickly. It is more than that. Stairs reflect how your room is, whether it is classic, classy, or contemporary. It is because many materials can form stair. They can be wood, metal, marble, or many others. It also has color in it, which shape how is your room perceived. For the first model, it consists of the wooden material with a dark pale color. It forms room as a rustic style. It is monotonous without any decorative elements.

The second design employs a brighter color with medium tone color. It also contains some decorative curves, which gives more artistic sense. You can make the single stair into two stairs with the shorter part at the bottom. It looks more dynamic and contemporary. With beige square pattern tile, your room will be more eccentric.

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12. Home Gym

Photo By Stephan & Leslie

Health is the number one priority in life. Therefore, using appropriate gymnastic pieces of equipment is the best option. The crowded room is far from healthy for your physics and psychology. Moreover, the dull room also creates terrible impressions for your eyes. A dangling rack is not suitable for your properties.

Determine your gym remodel based on your personality. Put the gymnastic equipment on the island with the large wall mirror. With its presence, the room will be more significant. You may put in a single carpet as accessories. The grey wall induces more warmth inside. A single lamp with many other extra lamps will make the room brighter. If you want to see how to turn your basement into a good gym , you can check this post,

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13.Basement Dining Room Remodel Before and After

Photo By Stephan & Leslie

In the first model, the island is too bare with much stuff here and there. The unused nook corner makes the room full. The dark tile and ceiling add darkness inside. A single TV with no proper treatment might be worse while you not aware of it. There is no attractive feature to see. The improper arrangements here are the worst thing ever.

To make the room beautiful, the first thing to do is identifying what the theme of the room is. If you want to design a basement dining room, you have to consider that the most important thing is positioning the table dinner in the right spot. Here, you can see that the table dinner is located on the island. Since it does not have any window, the decorative lamps with circle design are right for you. With white coverage, the room looks classier.

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14. Basement Music Studio

Photo By Sidd & Nisha

Do you have an interest in music? Why do you not try to do more performances at your house? The basement room is the best place to express your feelings. A curved room can be the best finishing basement in stages. It can be the necessary stage during the performance. To maximize the room functions more details on the walls. Building a strong ceiling and wall is the key to gaining a substantial room.

In the next step, polish the background of the stage with vertical ornaments so that the room will be taller and broader. You can build a stage by making it a little bit higher form the tile. Then, put the drum in the curved area so that it does not cut much space. The wall can be additional storage by making rectangular holes as the storage for some guitars.

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15. Kitchen Basement Remodel

Photo By Doug & Natalie

A kitchen basement is useful for people living with a small family member. With this design, you can combine the dining room as the kitchen too. Using the fundamental wooden pillar as the border of those rooms is quite easy. The pipes at the corner are useful with the sink then. The wooden ceiling is not suitable for open kitchen design.

What to do is covering the ceiling with the cement and put some hanging lamps. Since it is a little bit narrow, use the neutral color like white, black, or medium color. In this style, the walls are white as well as the countertop. Match each element with others like the chairs with the raised panel cabinets with the raven painting. The last step is putting the carpet with wooden stripe pattern so that it feels as if the wooden one.

16. Game Room

Photo By Steve & Elaine

Do you have any sports hobbies? Sports are never out of date. Since you have a billboard, keep it on the island is okay. Single lighting is never suitable in a game room. It hinders people from playing safely and energetically. An old fashion style of a billboard does not induce a new tool to perform. It has no artistic elements, which attract people to enter the room and get impressed with the game inside.

The perfect solution is by making it more shining. First, you may add some wooden ornaments to the walls so that it does not become tedious with the whole cement walls. With white color, it is harmonious with the door as well as the windows. Add a frame to the windows so that they are fabulous. Choose a curved leg for the billboard so that it seems more artistic. You can also change the color into the blue one instead of red, which is more fresh and earth tone with the medium tone tile.

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17. Cozy Living Room

Have you ever dreamt a pastel light living room? Then you might be surprised with this basement remodel. It is just incredible to transform those frames into a cozy living room. More space has been created to allow you put your things on that TV rack. Then, you can organize your private stuff in that lower cabinet

18. Big Space Basement Remodel Before And After

As Covid-19 still roaming around the world, why don’t we spend our time at home? Like watching your favorite film with your home theater, or bulking your muscle. You can do this in one place, your basement. Look how perfectly balance this basement, the warm tone makes it more prominent. Furthermore, a small space under the stairs is an excellent place to hide your unused stuff.


A perfect house does not need many spots inside. However, some spaces can be an alternative to creating a more functional room. One of them is a basement. It can be another room with its signature while it gets perfect treatments. By looking at these designs, maneuvering ‘basement remodel before and after’ is just quick and practical.

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